Vegetable used by all long-lived people

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(ORDO NEWS) — To prolong youth and protect yourself from a number of diseases, experts recommend abandoning processed foods and consuming large amounts of fruits, berries, greens and vegetables. Experts consider garlic to be especially useful. 

It was eaten by almost all people who are considered long-lived. This is reported by Quora.

Doctor Lucia Garcia says that it should be consumed in its raw form. Although many people refuse this product due to its specific taste and smell, the expert advises to eat it at least every other day. And if you are confused by the sharp supply, you can simply swallow a clove of garlic without chewing.

The benefits of garlic lie in the unique compounds it contains. Garlic literally destroys micro-inflammations that occur in the body and can later become foci of dangerous diseases. 

In addition, garlic contains a natural plant antibiotic of a wide spectrum of action, which has a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. It kills pathogenic bacteria and helps restore cell protection. 

Allicin can also lower blood pressure, blood lipid levels, improve blood circulation, and prevent arteriosclerosis.

Germany is one of the most long-lived countries in the world. A WHO report shows that the average life expectancy in Germany is 83 years. Almost everyone in Germany especially likes to eat raw garlic. According to statistics, the annual consumption of garlic in Germany is more than 8,000 tons,” Dr. Garcia writes.

The doctor also says that eating raw garlic slows down the aging of the human body. According to the experts of the German Research Institute, garlic contains more than 400 substances useful for health and longevity.


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