Signs that you are deficient in vitamin C

(ORDO NEWS) — In order for the immune system to be strong, it is necessary to get basic vitamins along with food. Vitamin deficiencies occur for a variety of reasons. For example, this can happen if you do not have a balanced diet and do not eat fruits, vegetables, meat, fish. Another reason is problems with the absorption of vitamins: this happens with Crohn’s disease.

Vitamin C is the main nutrient that the human body needs. As Lindsey Tallis, a health expert at Mighty Health, points out, the daily value of vitamin C varies by gender and age. So, for adult men it is 90 mg per day, and for women – 75 mg per day.

Why is vitamin C deficiency so dangerous? Nima Majlesi, MD, director of medical toxicology at Staten Island University Hospital, points out that this vitamin helps prevent scurvy. With this disease, bleeding and bruising easily occur, wounds heal poorly, etc.

The greatest risk of scurvy is in the elderly, in those who suffer from alcoholism, and in those who are malnourished and do not receive vitamin C.

As for the signs of vitamin C deficiency, they are as follows. Anemia (that is, lack of iron); swollen joints that also hurt; decrease in immunity. Also, with a deficiency of vitamin C, scurvy develops. Among its signs – a feeling of malaise, fatigue; anemia; slow healing of wounds on the skin; bleeding or swelling of the gums, tooth loss; spots on the skin due to bleeding and bruising.


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