What did Nostradamus predict until 2029?

(ORDO NEWS) — Michel de Nostradamus, better known as Nostradamus, is a fortune teller, physician, alchemist, who described the upcoming events in a rather vague form … Nostradamus’s books of predictions are written in the form of the so-called centuries (100 lines in one century) and four verses. There is a widespread belief that the predictions cover a period of 2,240 years – from 1557 to 3797. He is also the author of two letters: one was intended for the King of France, Henry II, the second – for his son Caesar.

Briefly about the life of Nostradamus by years

Michel de Notre Dame was born on December 14, 1503 in the town of Saint-Remy in Provence to a family of Jews who converted to Catholicism in the 15th century. According to family legend, his ancestors served as healers at the courts of René the Good and the Duke of Calabria. The father of the future fortuneteller, Jome de Notre dame, was a notary, grandfather, Pierre de Notre dame, and great-grandfather, Davin de Carcassonne, were engaged in trade in Avignon in southern France.

Michel studied in Avignon and received his Master of Arts in 1521 . In the next eight years of his life, he was engaged in self-education: he continuously traveled with the aim of “finding out and learning the sources and origin of plants and other elementary substances concerning the pinnacle of medical science,” as he himself wrote in his book. During one of his travels, he meets the famous astrologer and scientist Jules Cesar Scaliger. Then he continued to study medicine at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Montpellier, from where he was almost expelled for harsh remarks about teachers and a passion for illegal pharmaceuticals (since then he begins to write his last name in the Latin manner: “Nostradamus”). In 1534, he still received his doctorate.

In the life of Nostradamus in those years, a tragedy occurred: his wife and children died from the plague. In addition, the Inquisition began to take an interest in him.

After new travels in Italy and Germany, Nostradamus resumed his medical practice in Marseille in 1544 , and two years later he was fighting the plague in southeast France and even, according to legend, invented a remedy for the plague, the recipe for which, however, was later lost. For his selfless work, physician Michel Nostradamus was awarded a life pension by the Parliament of Aix-en-Provence. There were legends about the miraculous power of the drugs he created, but the recipes that have survived from the time of his medical practice do not go beyond the traditional medicine of the 16th century.

In 1547 he married again – to Anna Ponsard, from the marriage with whom he later had six children.

The famous doctor was carried away by astrology and prophecies unexpectedly for everyone.

In 1555, Nostradamus published his first astrological almanac and at the same time published his first “Centuries”, containing 353 quatrains with a preface to his son Cesar.

This turn of events interested the authorities of Paris, who intended to interrogate Nostradamus about what sciences he practices and how he makes predictions. Deciding not to tempt fate, he left for Italy, where he continued the work of a fortune teller.

Nostradamus prophecies 1

In 1558, he turned to the French king Henry II, calling him the ruler of the world and revealing to him the history of mankind in a vague form for many centuries to come. The following year, the king died in a tournament, and in 1561, Nostradamus himself barely managed to avoid death from Catholic peasants, who accused him of sympathizing with the French Protestants – the Huguenots. A few years later, the fortuneteller became a royal physician and adviser to Catherine de Medici, regent of the French throne.

In 1566, Nostradamus died of complications of gout. On a marble slab above his grave, there is an inscription “Here lie the bones of the famous Michel Nostradamus, the only one of all mortals who was worthy to capture with his almost divine feather, thanks to the influence of the stars, the future events of the whole world.” According to his will, he was buried standing. What caused such a strange wish is unknown. As a medic, Nostradamus knew for sure that over time the bones would fall and pile up.

In 1791 , during the French Revolution, the church in which his burial was located was destroyed.

The creative heritage of Nostradamus includes 10 centuries (942 quatrains), prefaces to them (letters to the son of Cesar and King Henry), a number of quatrains without numbering, annual almanacs from 1555, as well as a number of non-prophetic works, in particular a free translation of the “Interpretation of Horapollo hieroglyphs.” The archives preserved the will and personal correspondence of Nostradamus. There are also a number of manuscripts, the authorship of which is not precisely established, but which are attributed to Nostradamus.

The main theme of his predictions is the political future of Europe, right up to the beginning of the astrological era of Saturn, which Nostradamus defines as the “Golden Age”. The prediction ends almost with a quote from the Bible: “The end; a wolf, a lion, a bull and a donkey, a timid doe will be with dogs. “Nostradamus describes in detail the three Antichrists: the first of them will appear in the “lands of Attila” and create a new Babylonia, which will last 73 years and 7 months; the second will unleash a war in the center of Europe, and the third must lead at the end of time the alliance of the countries of the North and the East. “The third is worse than the first, more terrible than Nero. Run, brave men, so as not to spill blood. Tells to put the stove on. The golden age is dead, a great sin.”


The predictions of Nostradamus tried to explain the many works devoted to this topic. One of the books by Jean Charles de Fontbrune, 600 pages, was published in Paris in 1980. This book gained particular popularity in 1981, as the attempt on the life of the Pope reminded of the coincidence with one of the prophecies of Nostradamus. Fontbrun’s words that Nostradamus predicted a third world war in 1998 also fueled interest in this work.

According to this interpretation, Nostradamus foresaw such events that happened during his lifetime from 1529 – 1969:

1529 – the Turks laid siege to Vienna;

1536 – Canada is discovered;

1546 – The Portuguese reach Japan.

After the death of Nostradamus, the following predictions came true:

1582 – Gregorian calendar introduced;

1597 flintlock rifles began to be used;

1618 – the thermometer is invented;

1642 Australia discovered

1769 – a steam engine appeared in England;

1776 – the United States declared independence;

1778 – the balloon is invented;

1789 – Revolution in France;

1795 electricity is discovered;

1812 Napoleon is defeated in Russia;

1825 – the first railroad in England;

1844 – the telegraph is invented;

1866 dynamite is invented;

1869 – the Suez Canal was dug;

1873 – the light bulb appeared;

1876 ​​- the telephone is invented;

1895 X-ray machine invented

1903 – the first aircraft was built;

1912 – the war in the Balkans;

1914 – the Panama Canal is dug;

1914 – the beginning of the First World War;

1917 – the October Revolution in Russia;

1925 – the birth of television;

1927 – Lindbergh’s flight across the Atlantic Ocean;

1927 the first sound film was shot;

1929 – the beginning of the great economic crisis;

1939 – the beginning of the Second World War;

1961 – the first man in space;

1969 – the first man on the moon.

In addition, Nostradamus predicted many other events: catastrophes, diseases, earthquakes, famine … In the future, he foresaw the settlement of Europe by the yellow race. He predicts the appearance of an invisible celestial body, which he calls the White Star, eclipses of the Sun and Moon, weather anomalies caused by “travel to space”, floods and new diseases.

He predicted the Night of St. Bartholomew in 1572, the Thirty Years’ War of 1618-1648, the reign of Louis XIV, the rise and fall of Napoleon, the Austro-Italian war, the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo, and the appearance of intelligent beings from space.

Nostradamus wrote that in the state of the barbarians, a significant part of the court nobility will be sent to death. Was this a prediction of the October Revolution? It is quite possible, especially considering that only Tataria – Muscovy was called a “barbarian state” in Europe at that time.

The lines “grandiose myths will deceive people, and they will commit many misfortunes” fully reflect the twists and turns of the 20th century. Nostradamus calls Geneva “the garden of the world” and predicts that it will be destroyed and poisoned. However, the events that await Europe in the XXII century can be avoided if the continent unites and the center of power is in Switzerland. Nostradamus predicts a time for Europe when peace and freedom will reign there.

Palestine will have a long war between Arabs and Jews for a long time until the Jews are defeated. After that, the Arabs will have a desire to conquer Europe.

Nostradamus predicts the invasion of the yellow race after the “strange fish with a human head” is found in the Adriatic Sea. He predicts endless rains, hot winds, devastated fields.

But then, under the influence of the Moon, peace and prosperity will be established.

In the solar system, he also foresaw big changes: the moon and many stars will approach the Earth, which will cause cataclysms and climate change throughout the planet. People and animals will move from one hemisphere to another.

This is all, of course, one of the many interpretations of the famous predictions, written vaguely and allegorically.

The prophecies of Nostradamus were criticized both during his lifetime and after his death. The main argument of the critics is that his predictions are too vague and vague, and each phrase of his quatrains can be interpreted in dozens of different ways, adjusting the interpretation to the events that have already happened. Indeed, until now no one has been able to predict a single future event based on the texts of the quatrains. But this does not stop the interpreters of the Nostradamus texts, which have not been lacking for almost half a millennium – since a doctor from France suddenly began to write down vague lines about future events.

The prophecies of Nostradamus

Michel de Notre Dame, better known as Nostradamus, was born on December 14, 1503 in Saint-Remy (Provence, France) into a family of baptized Jews. He received his primary education at home, and this education covered classical literature, history, astrology, medicine and traditional medicine. Graduated from the University of Avignon, where he studied philosophy, grammar and rhetoric.

The fame of a doctor came to him when he discovered a cure for the “Black Death” – an epidemic of plague that ravaged Europe in the sixteenth century. This medicine “consisted” of fresh air, clean water, and vitamin C; thanks to the medicine of Nostradamus, dozens of people were saved – but Nostradamus was unable to save his wife and two children. They died in 1537, and Nostradamus left Aachen, where he then lived, and embarked on a journey that lasted six years.

The beginning of the prophecies

Around this time, he felt within himself the “awakening” of prophetic abilities. In 1547, Nostradamus settled in the city of Salon, where he remarried and where he had six children – three daughters and three sons. He turned the top floor of his house in the Salon into a laboratory – with magic mirrors, astrolabes, braziers and a tripod, made in the image and likeness of the sacred tripod in the temple of Apollo in Delphi.

In 1550, after much deliberation, Nostradamus published an almanac containing twenty-four prophetic quatrains (quatrains). The popularity of the almanac among the public exceeded all the expectations of the author, and until the end of his life, Nostradamus was simply forced to publish such almanacs every year.

He started working on the famous “Centuries” in 1554; a year later, the first four parts were published, each with a hundred quatrains. The last, tenth part of “Centuries”, was published in 1558. It is believed that in one of the quatrains of this part, Nostradamus predicted his own death. Legend has it that on the evening of July 1, 1566, he said to his assistant, who wished him good night: “In the morning I will no longer be alive.” And the next morning they found him lifeless on the floor of the office.

In accordance with the will of Nostradamus, he was buried in the cemetery of the Franciscan monastery; the gravestone reads: “Here lies the ashes of Michel Nostradamus, the only mortal who, by the will of heaven, was awarded the grace to write down with his almost divine pen the events of the coming years.”

Manuscripts of Nostradamus

The creative heritage of Nostradamus is large enough. There are also medical treatises in which various prescriptions for medicines are combined with recommendations of a cosmetic nature and with memories. There are also works of art (“Interpretation of Gorapollo’s hieroglyphs”, “Paraphrase of Galen”). There are numerous astrological almanac calendars, as well as extensive correspondence (however, poorly studied and not even fully published). However, the main work of Nostradamus was and remains the famous prophetic book – “The Prophecies of Master Michel Nostradamus”.

What is this creation? These are about a thousand quatrains (quatrains), combined into chapters (centuries) of 100 quatrains each. In addition, the book includes two prosaic prophecies written in the form of a letter to his son Cesar and a letter to King Henry II. By the way, the message was published only after the death of Nostradamus, in 1568.

The quatrains are vague in content, there are very few specific dates, the chronology is not followed. True, quite often they contain dates of an astronomical nature, for example: “When Mars, Venus and Mercury are in reverse motion …”, “When Mars and Saturn are equally burned” (that is, the conjunction of these two planets will be in specific aspect to the point of solar eclipse). But even if it is possible to even approximately establish the year, the nature of the event still remains unclear before it happens.

Nostradamus prophecies 2

Most modern scholars who have studied the prophecies of Nostradamus believe that there is “something” in these quatrains. The accuracy of predictions is estimated by them at approximately 70-85%. Especially Nostradamus “succeeded” in predicting the future of Great Britain – here their accuracy approaches 100%. The reasons, as they say, are unknown.

Nostradamus himself wrote in a letter to Cesar that the predictions cover Europe, Asia and part of Africa and extend to the period up to 3797. Studies of the text of the prophecies made it possible to establish that the date 3797 is a rough camouflage covering 2242 – the first year of the VII millennium “from the creation of the world “according to the Old Testament chronology, the year of the coming, according to Nostradamus, the end of the world. The Last Judgment will take place even later – in 3242.

In addition, modern researchers believe that in his prophecies, Nostradamus predicted the future of the United States, Japan, Australia and almost Antarctica. However, of these countries, only America is mentioned by the predictor (“Americas”; “West free of the British Isles”; “New Earth”).

Retelling of 2010

2010 is not far off. In Chinese astrology, it will be the year of the White Tiger.

And, of course, I want to know what famous soothsayers and astrologers predict for us this year.

Nostradamus encrypted his prediction for 2010 in the text of the X century, X quatrain. The original reads like this:

Attempted murder, gruesome adultery,

The great enemy of the whole human race,

Which will be worse than his ancestors, uncles and parents.

By sword, fire, water [will rule] the bloodthirsty and inhuman.

The essence of the prediction according to the method of adding 3 letters of each line, known in a narrow circle of interpreters of the great prophet, will sound like this: “Satanic arc of fury.” “Satanic arc” – the trajectory of a ballistic missile.

There are many versions of what the quatrain is about : about the destroyer of skyscrapers Osama bin Laden, or about the presidents: Iran – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Venezuela – Hugo Chavez, America – Barack Obama, Russia – Dmitry Medvedev. Or about the Leader of the DPRK Kim Jong Il. Choose who likes what.

There are still such versions (M. Dimde, S.V. Korsun, S.A. Khvorostukhina, A.P. Krasnyashchikh, A.I.Denikin):

  • Japan creates first underwater settlements and aqua farms;
  • Poland joins the union of Slavic peoples;
  • November 2010 – October 2014 the possibility of unleashing the Third World War with the use of chemical and bacteriological weapons (acute confrontation between Muslim and Euro-Atlantic values);
  • weakening of the influence of the Vatican on believers and world politics;
  • conflict between France and Great Britain.
  • hydrogen sulfide disaster in the Black Sea.
  • the threat of an armed conflict on the Crimean peninsula;
  • economic downturn in Europe;
  • confrontation between the United States and Western Europe;
  • an attempt at revenge by Islamic fundamentalists.

The future is not far off: 2009-2029

The following calendar of future events in human history was prepared based on the interpretations of the quatrains of Nostradamus, performed at the time by S.V. Korsun (1990), Manfred Dimde (1996), S.A. Khvorostukhina (2002), A.P. Krasnyashikh (2005) and A.I.Denikina (2006). This “calendar” is a reprint of 2006, which makes the forecast interesting in terms of open-mindedness to the facts, since at the time of publication no one could have predicted them.

2009-2012 – the crisis of the system of organization of state power and the state structure of Ukraine and the United States.

2010 – Japan creates the first underwater settlements and aqua farms; Poland joins the union of Slavic peoples; November 2010 – October 2014 the possibility of unleashing the Third World War with the use of chemical and bacteriological weapons (acute confrontation between Muslim and Euro-Atlantic values); weakening of the influence of the Vatican on believers and world politics; conflict between France and Great Britain.

2010-2011 – hydrogen sulfide disaster in the Black Sea.

2011-2012 – the threat of an armed conflict on the Crimean peninsula; economic downturn in Europe; confrontation between the United States and Western Europe; an attempt at revenge by Islamic fundamentalists.

2011-2014 – creation by Japan of an invulnerable missile defense system; the beginning of the political career of four global political leaders.

2011 – the beginning of the strongest economic and political crisis in Europe; the radioactive disaster in the Northern Hemisphere, from which England will suffer the most; the possibility of using nuclear and chemical weapons by Islamic fundamentalists as a result of the seizure of a nuclear submarine; declassification of data on an attempt by one of the space powers to make a manned flight to Mars alone; a classified Islamic fundamentalist can provoke a world war.

2012 – the peak of the global economic crisis; creation by Ukraine of a new generation of rocket engines; receiving an artificial signal from Space containing scientific information of fundamental importance for humanity.

2013 – the defeat of cereal crops by an unknown disease; the possibility of a bacteriological attack on London.

2013-2019 – the growing influence of African states on world politics.

2014 – cultivation of cloned organs of the human body in laboratories; surge of skin diseases among the population of European countries.

2015 – (in another version, 2029) – a revolution in energy, the discovery of a way to obtain cheap solar energy and its wireless transportation; the end of the war in the Middle East with the active participation of Ukraine, which will come up with a number of peace initiatives.

2015-2017 – negotiation process on the accession of a part of the territory of Moldova to Ukraine.

2015-2025 – another escalation of the confrontation between Islam and Christian culture, but already in Europe with the active participation of Muslim emigrants, a new world war was prevented thanks to the peacekeeping efforts of China.

2016 – a sharp decline in fertility in Europe as a result of environmental pollution; possible release of radioactive substances into the atmosphere in one of the European countries (most likely in England).

2017 – political split of the European Union and its re-creation on new principles; the abolition of marriage in Germany and the creation of new principles for building a family with the full support of her state; the possibility of Britain abandoning the monarchy.

2018 – a revolution in construction – the invention of a super-strong and ultra-light material – metal foams; construction of bridges across all major straits; invention of the “second skin” – an ultralight suit that protects a person from adverse thermal factors.

2018-2024-China’s leadership in world politics; turning developing countries into economic blackmailers for the United States and Europe.

2020 – creation of tectonic weapons of colossal power; the beginning of the active activity of the Antichrist in the information space; the unification of Catholic and Orthodox Christianity into a single church begins from the lands of Ukraine; complete robotization of everyday life and industrial production; relocation of the UN residence to Geneva.

2022-2041 is the last period in world history when a global armed conflict can be unleashed.

2023 – the threat of changing the Earth’s orbit under the influence of cosmic factors.

2024 – major man-made and ecological disasters in the USA and Italy.

2025 – demographic crisis in Europe; creation of a new world economic order; transformation of the territories of Ukraine and Belarus into leading centers of European trade.

2027 – A new dictator enters the stage of world history, to whom 1/5 of the world’s population will obey (the probable birthplace of India or China).

2028 – a manned flight to Venus; the discovery of a way to obtain powerful sound waves that perform useful physical work; controlled thermonuclear fusion; overcoming hunger on Earth.

2028-2034 – construction on Earth of a super-powerful pyramidal power plant.

2029 is a new breakthrough in the technology of wireless transportation of converted solar energy.

Nostradamus life and predictions

  • Birth name: Michel de Nostredame, Michel de Notrdam
  • Occupation: French astrologer, seer, physician and alchemist
  • Born: December 14, 1503 (1503-12-14)
  • Place of birth: Saint-Remy (Provence, France)
  • Died : July 2, 1566 (1566-07-02) (age 62)
  • Place of death: Salon de Provence (Provence, France)
  • Father: Jom de Notrdam, notary
  • Mother: Renier de Saint-Remy
  • Spouse: Anna Ponsard
  • Children: Cesar de Notrdam and others
  • Awards and honors: Royal Medic, Counselor. Awarded a lifetime pension for fighting the plague epidemic in
  • Aix-en-Provence.

Michel de Nostredame, also known as Nostradamus (December 14, 1503 – July 2, 1566), was a French astrologer, seer, physician and alchemist, famous for his prophecies.

1 Biography


Coat of arms of Nostradamus (reconstruction according to descriptions) Michel de Notrdam was born on December 14, 1503 in the town of Saint-Remy (Provence) into a family of Jews who converted to Catholicism in the 15th century. A family legend, retold by Cesar de Notre Dame in the Chronicle of Provence, says that the prophet’s ancestors served as healers at the courts of René the Good and the Duke of Calabria. However, based on the available facts, it can only be argued that they were sufficiently educated and wealthy people. The father of the future fortuneteller, Jome de Notre Dame (1470-1547) was a notary, grandfather Pierre de Notre dame (1430-1484) and great-grandfather Davin de Carcassonne (1410-1473) were engaged in trade in Avignon, and great-grandfathers Pierre de Saint-Marie (? -1485 ) and Jean de Saint-Remy (? -1504) were doctors at Arles and Saint-Remy.

Although the secular authorities of France were soft on the baptized Jews, the common people always suspected them of secret disbelief in Christ. Spiritual power over the minds and hearts of the French belonged to the Roman Catholic Church, with the blessing of which Jews were persecuted in many countries at that time. This encouraged the latter to live in relatively isolated communities, preserving their culture, traditions and customs.

Physician career

In 1518, Michel de Notre Dame went to study in Avignon, where in 1521 he received a Master of Arts degree. We know about the next eight years of his life only from his own phrase in a culinary and cosmetic book, according to which these years have passed in continuous travels in order to “find out and learn the sources and origin of plants and other elementary substances concerning the pinnacle of medical science.”

In 1529, the official biography of the future predictor continues: he enters the medical faculty of the University of Montpellier. Due to harsh statements about teachers and passion for prohibited pharmaceuticals, he was almost expelled from the university right there. However, the conflict was resolved, and in 1534 Michel received his doctorate. From that moment on, his surname is spelled in the Latin manner: “Nostradamus”.

Nostradamus prophecies 5

In the same 1534, he again went on a journey, during which he met the famous astrologer and scientist Jules Cesar Scaliger. Probably at the suggestion of Scaliger in 1536, Nostradamus settled in Agen. Soon a black streak begins in his life.

In 1537, his wife and children perished from the plague in Agen, in 1538 he was interrogated by the Inquisition because of the alleged unflattering statements about a certain statue of the Virgin Mary, and in the same year, for unclear reasons, a deadly quarrel between Nostradamus and Scaliger arises. Nostradamus leaves Agen. From Scaliger, he will subsequently receive several poisonous anti-Semitic epigrams, in which he hints at the hidden Judaism of Nostradamus. But the youngest son of Nostradamus will be named Cesar – possibly in honor of Scaliger. The next few years, Nostradamus spends in wanderings in Italy and Germany.

In 1544, he resumes medical practice in Marseille, and in 1546 he fights the plague in the south-east of France in Aix-en-Provence. For the selfless work of a doctor, he was awarded a life pension by the Parliament of Aix-en-Provence. There are legends about the miraculous power of the medicines he created, but the recipes that have survived to this day do not go beyond the traditional medicine of the 16th century.

In 1547 Nostradamus married Anna Ponsard, and from this marriage later six children will be born, including Cesar de Notrdam.

Astrologer and soothsayer

The famous physician’s appeal to astrology and prophecy looked unexpected. In 1555 Nostradamus published his first astrological almanac, and in the same year the first edition of the Centuries was published in Lyon, containing 353 quatrains with a foreword to his son Cesar. It is known that these prophecies caused him trouble. Upon arrival in Paris, Nostradamus was warned that the authorities were preparing to interrogate him about what sciences he practices and how he makes predictions. He urgently returned to Salon de Provence, and then in 1556 he went to Italy. At the same time, prophetic activity continues.

In 1558, in the final part of the Century, Nostradamus turns to King Henry II, calling him the ruler of the world and revealing to him the history of mankind in a vague form for centuries to come. It is not known whether the king, who died in the tournament already in 1559, managed to get acquainted with the fortuneteller’s letter. After the death of Henry II, at the invitation of the deceased’s sister, Nostradamus meets at court with Queen Catherine de Medici.

In 1561, the fortuneteller barely managed to escape from the Catholic peasants who accused him of sympathizing with the Huguenots. In the same year, the authorities took Nostradamus under house arrest for a couple of days, demanding to describe the fate of King Charles IX. Nostradamus’s answer has not survived.

In 1564, Catherine de Medici and Charles IX visit the fortuneteller at the Salon and then invite him to a meeting in Arles, where they appoint him as royal physician and adviser.

However, on July 2, 1566, Nostradamus died in the Salon from complications of gout. On a marble slab above his grave, there is the inscription “Here lie the bones of the famous Michel Nostradamus, the only one of all mortals who was worthy to capture with his almost divine feather, thanks to the influence of the stars, the future events of the whole world.”

Legends of Nostradamus

A family tradition, as reflected in the Chronicle of Provence, published by Cesar de Notre Dame, says that the royal physician Abram Salomon was the great-grandfather of Nostradamus. This legend is not supported by the facts, but the family ties with Abram Salomon could be more complicated. It is often said that the fortuneteller’s grandfathers introduced him to astrology and Kabbalah. In fact, they died early, and Michelle got it all with his own head. They say that already at school he was nicknamed “the little astrologer”. There is a legend that once Nostradamus predicted the fate of two pigs: a white pig, he said, will be eaten by a wolf, and a black one will be served for dinner. To put the seer to shame, the owner ordered the white pig to be slaughtered, but he had already been eaten by the wolf, and the cook killed the black one, which he then confessed.

In 1820 and 1839. were published “The Prophecy of Philip Olivarius” and “The Prophecy of Orval, recorded by Philip Olivarius”, allegedly dated 1542 and 1544. respectively. There were rumors that they were actually made by Nostradamus during his stopover during his wanderings in the Abbey of Orval. An old legend, retold by Chavigny, the first researcher of Nostradamus’s work, claims that once a seer helped a royal servant find a lost pedigree dog. The loudest legend is connected with the prediction of the death of King Henry II of France at the tournament (Ts.1.K.35). It probably has a foundation, since after these events Nostradamus received recognition at the royal court. However, these reasons are not known to us; the idea of ​​the quatrain C.1.K.35 has the character of interpretation and first appears many years later in Cesar. Earlier, Chavigny used more complex reasoning to substantiate this legend. The same Chavigny writes that he witnessed how Nostradamus predicted in advance the day and hour of his death.

The mystery of the family coat of arms

The family coat of arms of Nostradamus has two black eagle heads and two golden wheels with eight spokes each, on a red field. The wheel rims are broken between adjacent spokes. The motto on the coat of arms reads: “Soli Deo” (Latin: “The only God”). It is unclear whether this coat of arms was inherited by Nostradamus, or whether it was created on purpose after receiving his doctorate in 1534. Interpreters believe that the heads of birds of prey indicate a doctor’s vocation to fight disease. However, the interpretation of the wheel symbol remains ambiguous. The popular version that a yellow wheel with a broken rim means a break with Judaism does not hold water. Indeed, according to the edict of Saint Louis IX, after 1269, Jews were ordered to wear a yellow mark on their clothes. However, the shape of this mark changed frequently,

Most likely, Nostradamus uses the wheel as a common solar symbol, often found in Christian iconography, which in this context can indicate the values ​​of enlightenment. The motto “Soli Deo” represents the beginning of the Catholic motto “Soli Deo Honor et Gloria” (“Honor and glory to God the only one”), under which the Reformation movement took place, which may indicate the sympathy of the predictor for the Huguenots.

2 The legacy of Nostradamus

The creative heritage of Nostradamus includes 10 centuries (942 quatrains), prefaces to them (letters to the son of Cesar and King Henry), a number of quatrains without numbering, annual almanacs from 1555, as well as a number of works that are considered unprophetic, such as, for example, free translation of “Interpretations of the hieroglyphics of Gorapollo” (1545). The archives contain a will and personal correspondence of Nostradamus. There are also a number of manuscripts whose authorship has not been reliably established, but sometimes attributed to Nostradamus.

Prophetic works

Peru of Nostradamus owns annual almanacs, published from 1550 until his death. Each of the almanacs contained one general quatrain for the year, 12 quatrains for the months of the year, and an extensive prose part with predictions. It was the almanacs that brought glory to Nostradamus during his lifetime. However, not all of their texts have survived to this day; at present, a selection of 141 quatrains from almanacs (1555-1567) is often published as an independent prophetic work.

The first edition of the Prophecies of Master Michel Nostradamus, now called the Centuries, was published in Lyon in 1555. It contained “A Letter to the Son of Cesar” and 353 prophetic quatrains. The letter to Cesar sets out the occult philosophy of prophecy and gives several predictions of a global nature (… the world is approaching an anaragoric revolution … the deadly sword of pestilence and wars more terrible than there have been for three human lives …)

The number 353 is close to the so-called “planetary epoch”, 354 years and 4 months long, which was known in medieval astrology. The second edition (Lyon, 1557) also contained 288 new quatrains and a warning to ignorant critics (unnumbered quatrain). The earliest surviving complete edition of the Prophecies is dated 1568, that is, after the death of the prophet. It contains a letter to Cesar, 942 quatrains (the 7th century remained unfinished) and a letter to King Henry, entirely prophetic in content. ([I] calculated almost as many events in the coming time as in the past years … until the very [Second] coming at the beginning of the seventh millennium). It is unclear whether this letter was seen by the nominal addressee – King Henry, who died in the tournament in 1559. It is only known that quatrains from the last centuries were quoted during the life of the prophet; possibly,

“Additional quatrains” given by Chavigny in “The First Face of the French Janus” (Lyon, 1594) under the name of fragments of the 11th and 12th centuries, most likely refer to one of the lost almanacs of Nostradamus. The origin of the six new quatrains of the 8th Century in the edition of Roffe (1588) is doubtful, and Vincent Seva’s (1606) Sixeni are considered falsifications.

The prophecies of Nostradamus led to the publication of almost 10 thousand books, the authors of which are trying to answer the question of what Nostradamus wanted to say. Created in the semantic space of medieval France, in the Middle French language, with elements of Latin and Greek, the prophecies of Nostradamus look even more vague and mysterious for the modern reader than in the 16th century. Since only a few quatrains are clearly chronological, interpreters are often convinced that Nostradamus wrote precisely about their time. Meanwhile, according to authoritative researchers, the end date of the prophecies is clearly visible and coincides with the end of the Jewish Calendar (2240). At the same time, borrowings of individual fragments of the text are found, almost literal from Titus Livy, Savonarola, Crinitus, Russ.

3 Nostradamus calendar

In the Letter to Cesar (PS), the date of the end of the prophecies is contradictory, as the beginning of the era of Saturn and 3797, and in the Letter to Henry, the Second Coming falls on the “beginning of the seventh millennium”. The idea that the world has been given 6,000 years first appears in the Talmud, and was later adopted by Christian mystics. The theory of planetary eras was consistently presented in the works of Ibn Ezra, Abraham (XII century) and Abu Mahar (IX century) and gained popularity in the astrology of the Middle Ages. According to this theory, the age of the moon ends in 1889, the age of the sun in 2242, and then the age of Saturn begins.

Speaking about the return of Saturn, Nostradamus could directly be guided by the astrological treatise of R. Russ (1550), in which these dates were named.It is noteworthy that the beginning of the era of Saturn (2242) is really close to the end of 6000 years from the Creation of the World according to the Hebrew calendar (2240) … However, the seer does not blindly follow the Jewish tradition, defining the same date as “the end of the seventh thousandth” (PS, Ts10.K74).

Nostradamus prophecies 4

Thus, at the same time he refers to the Hebrew calendar and proposes his own system of reckoning time, in which the Creation of the World (CM) is shifted 1000 years ago, so that 2242 RH corresponds to 7000 CM. This assumption is consistent with Ts.1.K.48 (“Twenty years of the reign of the Moon have passed, another will rule in 7000. When the Sun ends its tired days, then my prophecy will be fulfilled and will end”). Indeed, by the year of publication of the first part of the prophecies (1555), exactly 20 years of the epoch of the moon had passed. In addition, the 1st chronology from the Letter to Henry dates the Nativity of Jesus to 4758 years CM, from where 4758 + 2242 = 7000. Consequently, in the used time system, in addition to the cycle of planetary epochs, there is also a 1000-year cycle. “Nostradamus’s calendar” covers, as it were, one planetary “week”, in which every day is equal to 1000 years.

The “Era of Saturn” occurs simultaneously in the 1000-year cycle and in the cycle of planetary eras. The predictor characterizes such a great intersection of cycles with the words “anaragonic revolution” (PS). From this point of view, the number 3797 from the Letter to Cesar is of a hoax nature: 3797-1555 = 2242. However, it should be noted that leaning towards 2242, the predictor spoke about other dates of the end of 6000 years CM: 1826 (in the Letter to Henry), 1945 (in the almanac for 1566), 2033 (in the almanacs for 1557, 1559 , 1562, 1563, 1566). In addition, possibly at the initiative of the publisher, the almanac for 1565 is dated in such a way that 7000 years CM will expire in 2000 CE. It is likely that some of these dates are used in the predictor-generated cipher system.

Summary of prophecies

The main theme of the prophecies is the political future of Europe, up to the beginning of the astrological era of Saturn, which Nostradamus defines as the “Golden Age”. As a result, his prediction ends with notes of pacification: “The end; a wolf, a lion, a bull and a donkey, a timid doe will be with dogs ”(Ts.10.K.99). On the one hand, this is a clear Old Testament motive, but on the other, the Second Coming is mentioned only once, in the Letter to Henry, marking the end of 6000 years. Three Antichrists are described in more detail: the first of them appears in the “lands of Attila” and creates a new Babylonia, which will last 73 years and 7 months; the second unleashes a war in the center of Europe; the third should lead at the end of time the union of the countries of the North and the East. “The third is worse than the first, more terrible than Nero. Run, brave men, so as not to spill blood. Tells to put the stove on.

The golden age is dead, a great sin “(Ts.9.K.17). The prophecies also describe new religions and prophets, which are evaluated ambiguously by interpreters. For example, the “Great Jupiterian” in Ts.10.K.73 will “judge the present by means of the past”, that is, he denies the evolution of morality and calls for a return to primitive values; and the mention of Jupiter alludes to the pagan religion of Ancient Rome. Most of the quatrains, considered separately, are of dubious utility because they are not dated in any way. However, in the Letter to Henry, after the second chronology, Nostradamus unequivocally states that the quatrains are dated by means of the formula: “I have calculated the prophecies entirely according to the order of this chain, which contains its circuit.” The movement of the planets described under the chronology points to 1606 as the starting point.

Criticism of predictions

Both during life and after death, the prophecies of Nostradamus were criticized. The main argument of the critics is that the quatrains are too vague and non-specific to be considered real predictions – each phrase can be interpreted in dozens of different ways and in the end “fit” the interpretation to the events that actually happened. This, according to critics, is what fans of Nostradamus are doing. Indeed, until now, no one has publicly been able to predict a single event in the future, using the so-called “prophecies”. All interpretations of the texts of Nostradamus are the imposition of “predictions” on past events in order to prove their truth. In the modern era, the camp of skeptics has been led by James Randi of the Education Foundation and parapsychology debunker James Randi. Employees of the Educational Foundation (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) regularly refuted newspaper publications about the apparent connection of Nostradamus’ poetry with modern events. In turn, the defenders of Nostradamus draw attention to the fact that the value of the prophecy is not lost from the fact that the understanding of the text comes after the predicted event.

The very fact of correct prediction says a lot about the nature of time and is an important argument in favor of the existence of God. It is this, and by no means the possibility of knowing political perturbations in advance, that gives significance to predictions of this kind. that understanding of the text comes after the predicted event.

Nostradamus himself warned against a free interpretation of his texts:

Let those who read these verses ponder them maturely.

May the uninitiated and ignorant crowd not touch them.

And all astrologers, jerks, barbarians, let them stay away from them.

Those who do otherwise will be cursed according to the rite.

(Addition after 6 centuries)

More than 500 years will be considered,

The one who was the ornament of his time,

Then, in an instant, great clarity will be granted,

Which will make them very happy with this century.

(Quatrain 3:94)

Translations, little-known manuscripts, personal correspondence

Around 1545, Nostradamus, in a free poetic manner, made a translation from the Greek of “The Interpretation of the Hieroglyphs of Gorapollo.” The manuscript was kept by one of the ministers of Louis XIV, and then ended up in the National Library of France, where it was discovered already in the 20th century. According to the author, ancient Egyptian drawings are described in the text of the manuscript and their interpretation is given. This text is of great interest to researchers, because many images from it are also present in the Prophecies. So at the end of the translation is given the interpretation of the mysterious signs “D. M. “, which denote the underground gods. The same letters are mentioned in the 66th quatrain of the 8th century, but they cannot be found in the source texts of Gorapollo.

Almost simultaneously with the “Prophecies” Nostradamus published two works in the field of medical sciences: a free translation of “Paraphrase of Galen, his admonition to Menodotus in the study of fine arts and medicine” (1557) and “Treatise on the preparation of preserves” (1555). In the first one, the researchers found signs of a cipher.

In 1888, a manuscript was found in the library of Rome, containing 72 watercolor drawings, the authorship of which is attributed to Nostradamus, however, it is unsubstantiated. She is now known under the code name “The Lost Book of Nostradamus” (“The Lost Book of Nostradamus”).

History coincidences

When discussing coincidences with history, interpreters often focus on free poetry translations that are far from the original. Unfortunately, upon checking it turns out that Nostradamus did not write this. The optimal translation of the prosaic part of the prophecies can be found in the books of A. Penzensky, candidate of historical sciences. Translations of quatrains need to be compared across several sources. Planet configurations can be calculated using astrological programs.

St. Bartholomew’s night

Two evil [planets] will unite in Scorpio,

The Great Senor is killed in the hall,

Plague in the church, thanks to the new king

Lower and Northern Europe. Les deux malins de Scorpion conioncts,

The great lord murdered in his room:

Plague in the church by the new king ioinct,

Lower & Northern Europe.

(Quatrain 1:52)

Two evil planets – Mars and Saturn – for the first time since the promulgation of the prophecy united in Scorpio in August 1572, which corresponds to the events of St. Bartholomew’s night (August 24, 1572); the apogee of the schism of the church in France. The conspiracy, orchestrated by the mother of King Charles IX, Catherine de Medici, to eliminate the leader of the French Protestants, Admiral Coligny, went out of control. The admiral was killed at the Hotel de Betisi, but the massacre began to spread like a plague across Paris, the surrounding area, and spread to neighboring cities. King Charles IX could only join the Catholics and take responsibility for what happened. After that, the southern Protestant provinces, with the capital in the city of La Rochelle, declared their political independence.

Scientific revolution

The number of astronomers will increase so much

Persecuted, banished and forbidden books

In the year 1607, thanks to the holy cups,

That no one will be saved from holy gifts. Croistra le nombre si grand des astronomes

Hunt, banish & censor bindings,

The year one thousand six hundred and seven by sacred glomas

That no one at the coronations will be asseurez.

(Quatrain 8:71)

In 1607, Johannes Kepler laid the foundations of modern astronomy in his work “New Astronomy”, which formulated the laws of rotation of planets around the Sun. In 1608, the Dutchman Hans Lippersgey invented a telescope based on the combined use of convex and concave lenses, and in 1609 Galileo Galilei first used it for astronomical observations, which led to a revolution in astronomy, as Galileo’s observations confirmed the theory of Copernicus’s heliocentric system. The church greeted these discoveries with caution, the books of Copernicus were banned, Galileo had to renounce his beliefs and spend the last years of his life under house arrest. However, almost everyone could now make a telescope with two lenses and independently observe the movement of celestial bodies.

Execution of Charles I Stuart

Ghent and Brussels will march against Antwerp,

London Senate will put to death its king

Salt and wine will not be good for him:

Because of them, there is confusion in the kingdom. Gang & Bruceles marcheront contre enuers

London Senate will put their king to death

The salt and the wine will be in the enuers,

For them to have the reign an desarroy.

(Quatrain 9:49)

The first line talks about the confrontation between the Northern Netherlands (Antwerp) and Belgium (Brussels), which actually took place in 1579-1648 after the bourgeois revolution in the Netherlands (the struggle between the Utrecht and Aras unions) and ended with the recognition of the Dutch Republic. In January of the following 1649, King Charles I Stuart was executed in England by decision of the people’s court. Interpreters pay attention to the “speaking” number of the quatrain: 49.

Great Northern War

Eastern people led by the lunar power,

In 1700 [will make] great campaigns,

Almost conquering the corner of Aquilon. Beaucoup beaucoup auant telles menees,

Ceulx of the East by lunar virtue:

The year one thousand seven hundred will be taken away,

Almost subjugating the Aquilonary quince.

(Quatrain 1:49)

The year 1700 is known in history as the beginning of the Northern War, initiated by Russia and its allies against Sweden, as a result of which Russia will return the Baltic states (the “northern corner” of the empire) and seize part of Finland, providing itself with a reliable outlet to the Baltic Sea. “Aquilon” is a poetic term for the land of the north wind; both Russia and Sweden can be called this way. The term “lunar power” is understood in the context of quatrain 1:48: the chronological framework of the Northern War (1700-1721) falls in the middle of the astrological era of the Moon (1535-1888).

Spanish heritage

Aries head, Jupiter and Saturn,

God Almighty, what a change!

Then after a long century his evil time will return,

Gaul and Italy, what a thrill! Chef d’Aries, Iupiter & Saturne,

Eternal God what mutations!

Then by long sciecle his maling time returns,

Gaul & Italy what esmoutions!

(Quatrain 1:51)

The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the first degrees of Aries was observed only in May 1702. This is the date of the beginning of the largest war of the 18th century (for the Spanish Succession), in which Gaul (France) and Italy acted as opposing sides. The third line takes us to the end of the 18th – the beginning of the 19th century, the campaigns of conquest by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Fall of Persia

In the third climate, under the sign of Aries,

In the year 1727, in October,

The king of Persia is taken by the Egyptians,

Death, loss, shame on the cross. Le tiers climat soubz Aries comprins,

The year one thousand seven hundred and twenty & seven in October:

The king of Persia by ceulx d’Egipte prins:

Coflit, death, loss: at the cross, great shame.

(Quatrain 3:77)

On October 3, 1727, the protege of the Afghan nobility Ashraf, the Shah of Persia, whose country was split by internal conflicts, recognized vassal dependence on Turkey, and also transferred to the Turks about half of the territory of Persia, including Tehran (the capital of modern Iran). Egypt in 1727 was part of the Ottoman Empire. As for Russia, it was shamed, having refused the opportunity to remove the usurper Ashraf for fear of spoiling relations with the Turks. After the death of Peter I, Russia turned to a cautious foreign policy. The head of foreign affairs of Russia, Vice-Chancellor Osterman, wrote in 1727: “Our system should be to run away from everything that could lead us into any problems.” The quatrain was only partially fulfilled: the shah was not taken prisoner, and Persia itself, according to Agapius of Manbij, is under the sign of Taurus.

French Revolution of 1792

“The year 1792 will be considered the year of the renewal of the century” (Letter to Henry)

On August 10, 1792, the monarchy was overthrown in France. The revolutionaries proclaimed this year the beginning of a new era, the first year of the French Republican calendar. Critics say that here Nostradamus is only pointing to the theory of planetary cycles. From the treatise of R. Russ (1548): “… let’s talk about the great and wonderful conjunction, which, as the astrologers say, will occur around 1789 of our Lord, after 10 revolutions of Saturn … We are approaching the coming renewal of the world … in about 243 years from the present treatise. ”

Napoleon’s invasion of Russia

Mars and Scepter will unite

A disastrous war under Cancer:

A little later a new king will be anointed,

That will calm the earth for a long time. Mars & le scepter se trouuera conioint,

Underneath Cancer calamitous war:

Soon after, there will be new Roy oingt,

Who for a long time will pacify the earth.

(Quatrain 6:24)

In astrology, Jupiter is designated a scepter. Mars and Jupiter conjunct anywhere in a year, and in Cancer every 12 years. However, since the event itself takes place under the sign of Cancer, it can be assumed that we are talking about the July conjunction, that is, the Sun is also in this sign. In this case, we come to the triple conjunction of the Sun, Mars and Jupiter in July 1812, which corresponds to Napoleon’s invasion of Russia. This disastrous war ended with the defeat of the French, the abdication of Napoleon I from the throne and the restoration of the Bourbons in 1814.

European revolutions of 1848

See the British change seven times

Painted with blood after 290 years:

France will not become a German fulcrum,

Aries fears its border in Bastarnia. Sept fois changer verres gent Britannique,

Blood in two hundred and ninety years:

Frank [h] e no point by Germanic press,

Aries doubte son pole Bastarnan.

(Quatrain 3:57)

The quatrain allows for serious discrepancies, but the date and general meaning (turmoil in Europe) are not in doubt. The specified 290 years from the date of publication expired in 1845, and in 1848 a wave of revolutions swept across Europe. K. Marx and F. Engels made a revolutionary appeal to the proletarians of all countries in the “Manifesto of the Communist Party”. The rebels managed to seize power in Paris, after which K. Marx hoped to import the revolution into Germany: “With the victory of the red republic in Paris, armies will move from within the country across its borders, and then we will exclaim:“ Woe to the vanquished. ””However, these hopes are not were justified; the uprising in Germany received no outside support and was suppressed. The 150,000-strong Russian corps put an end to the attempt at a world revolution, sent by Nicholas I through Eastern Europe (Bastarnia) to suppress the uprising in Austria-Hungary. The first line speaks of the transformations of power in England over the course of 290 years: the beginning of the Stuart dynasty, the Cromwell dictatorship, the Stuart restoration, the glorious revolution of William III, the union with Scotland, the beginning of the Hanoverian dynasty, the union with Ireland. Under the sign of Aries (according to Ptolemy) are Germany, France and Bastarnia.

Birth of Hitler

Lost found, hiding for a long century

[This] pastor will be honored as a demigod,

Thus, the Moon, which completed its cycle,

Will be defiled by other desires. Perdu, trouue, cache de si long siecle

She will be a pastor, an honored demigod,

So that the moon completes its great cycle

By others will be dishonored.

(Quatrain 1:25)

In the works of A. Penzensky, it is shown that Nostradamus adheres (with minor changes) to the concept of planetary eras, which was formulated by the Jewish philosopher Abraham ibn Ezra (XII century), and which was used in the popular astrological treatise by R. Russ (Lyon, 1550). In this theory, the epoch of the moon begins in 1535 and ends in 1888-1889. It is known that in 1889, at the end of the lunar epoch, A. Hitler was born. The second line can be understood in the context of the mythology of the Third Reich. Hitler dreamed of bringing out of the “true Aryans” a new breed of people, a “superman” (demigod). Honoring the Fuhrer himself, as the savior of the German nation, was like worshiping a deity, and the book “Mein Kampf” replaced the Bible for the Germans.

The Fuhrer was called an ascetic and a Puritan, a brilliant architect and commander, the new Great Frederick. The image of the Prussian king Frederick II (1712-1786), who was Hitler’s personal hero, became a symbol of the German revival, “the ideal of Nordic beauty” (A. Rosenberg).

The performer of the roles of Frederick in the cinema, actor Otto Gebure, was deprived of the right to play other roles, since, according to Goebbels, this could “tarnish the already created image of the Great King.” The mention in the quatrain of the “long century” must be related to the expectations of the coming of the Antichrist a hundred years earlier. So back in 1418, Cardinal Pierre d’Ailly published the treatise “De persecutionibus Ecclesiae”, where he substantiated the date of the appearance of the Antichrist in 1789 from astrological considerations. This idea was then taken up by other astrologers, including Russ.

So back in 1418, Cardinal Pierre d’Ailly published the treatise “De persecutionibus Ecclesiae”, where he substantiated the date of the appearance of the Antichrist in 1789 from astrological considerations. This idea was then taken up by other astrologers, including Russ.

Formation and fall of the USSR

“And in the month of October it will happen that there will be some great displacement, such that it would be thought that the colossus of the Earth lost its natural direction and plunged into eternal darkness. Before that, in springtime, and after that there will be exceptional changes and changes of power, great earthquakes, with the growth of a new Babylonia, a despicable daughter, augmented by the abomination of the first holocaust, and [she] will last only 73 years and 7 months. ” (Letter to Henry)

In 1974, the poet V.K.Zavalishin published in the United States a translation of the prophecies of Nostradamus with commentary, where he interpreted this phrase as a prediction of the fall of Soviet power in 1991. Then the astrologer P. Globa was sent to Lefortovo prison for quoting these thoughts. Note that the prediction came true with amazing accuracy. Legally, the power of the Bolsheviks was established on January 19, 1918 with the dispersal of the Constituent Assembly – the highest representative and legislative body. Therefore, 73 years and 7 months will expire on August 19, 1991 – this day is known in history as the August putsch. The failure of the putsch led to the ban of the Communist Party of the USSR. The February Revolution (which began on March 8 according to the Gregorian calendar) is also traced in the quote by Nostradamus: “Before that, in springtime, and after that there will be exceptional changes and changes of power.” Besides,

The Second World War

The almanac for 1566 provides a chronology according to which 6000 years from the Creation of the World expire in 1945, which coincides with the end of the Second World War.

In addition, the quatrain may refer to the events of this period:

Greater Germany will include

Brabant, Flanders, Ghent, Bruges and Boulogne

As a result of a false truce.

The Grand Duke of Armenia storms Vienna and Cologne. Translatera en la grand Germanie,

Brabant & Flanders, Gand, Bruges & Bologna:

La Tresue Fainte the Grand Duke of Armenia

Assault Vienna & the Column.

(Quatrain 5:94)

Here the occupation of the Netherlands and Luxembourg (Brabant), Belgium (Flanders, Ghent, Bruges) and the north of France (Boulogne) by the German army was predicted as a result of the surrender of the French. Then the occupation of Austria (Vienna) and Germany (Cologne) by troops from the East. Unfortunately, no date is given, but the events described had a literal execution in 1940-1945. During the war between Germany and France and the Benelux countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg), the quatrain was noticed and actively used by the Goebbels propaganda ministry; however, the last line was deliberately distorted. Later, the interpreters noticed that Stalin, who was born in Georgia (Transcaucasia), can be called the “Duke of Armenia”, and Berlin (the old name of the city of Cologne-on-Spree) can also be Cologne.

The holocaust

After burning shirts

The donkey drivers will change their clothes.

Saturn’s people are burned by millers

Except those who won’t be dressed. Apres les limes bruslez les asiniers,

Constrainctz will change diuers clothes:

The Saturnines bruslez speak meusniers,

Excluding most of which will not be couuers.

(Quatrain 6:17)

It is believed that the ancestors of the Jews were nomadic pastoralist tribes. In addition, the first Jewish armed formation, created in 1915 in England with the aim of liberating Israel from the Turks, was called the Zion Mule Corps – a detachment of mule drivers. Saturn in astrology is associated with Saturday, which is considered a holy day among the Jews. The text of K. Marx allows identifying the “people of millers”: “Mills on goats, the so-called German mills, were the only known ones until the middle of the 16th century.” Since 1942, most of the Jews in Europe have been disguised as concentration camp prisoners, of which about 6 million people. died as a result of the Holocaust.

4 Finding the secret code

Since the interpretation of the quatrains is difficult, and the dates to which they refer are in most cases not indicated, it is widely believed among interpreters that the prophecies are encrypted, and the key to them is hidden – in the prefaces, testament, or in little-known books of the prophet.

“Lucky Numbers” from the Will

In 1962, Daniel Ruzo suggested that the key was contained in the will of Nostradamus, which he left shortly before his death. The will consists of two parts, with the second part dated 13 days later than the first. Ruzo’s hypothesis is based on the oddities of the will, in particular the repeating numbers that arise when counting items and sums of money. So on 13 pages of the Will it is indicated that all property should be divided into 13 unequal parts between 13 heirs. Among the items are: 22 cloth, 22 pewter and 22 other items. 22 people receive the money according to the will, including 9 heirs and 13 beggars. The total number of ducats (101 simple and 126 double) is 353, which is the number of quatrains in the first edition of the Prophecies. These oddities suggest that the will contains a secret meaning.

Direct letters from the treatise of Galen

In 1557, the publishing house of Antoine du Rhône, in addition to the second part of the Prophecies, published the “Paraphrase of Galen, his admonitions to Menodotus in the study of fine arts and medicine,” translated by Nostradamus. François Buguet first suggested that Nostradamus translated Galen in order to show the reader the key to the cipher in comparison with the original. A fragment of the epigraph to this text in Latin reads: “Volventur saxa litteris & ordine rectis, Cùm videas Occidens & Orientis opes” (“The sacred order will show you the treasures of the East and West in direct letters”).

Patrice Guinard, Ph.D., assumes the literal meaning of the phrase: paragraphs typed in italics contain in places, as typos, straight letters.

These typos occur for 11 letters of the alphabet (abfghlntvyz) on 11 pages (2,36,38,45,46,47,48,49,54,61,62), with 47 pages (4 + 7 = 11) containing 11 typos, on page 48, 22 typos (22 = 2 × 11), and on other pages 13 misprints. Full list of direct letters with page numbers: 2 (T), 36 (FT), 38 (V), 45 (T yyy), 46 (l), 47 (hfgl N lggffl), 48 (h AT hgfzh A vgvbgyfyvy T hv ), 49 (f), 54 (L), 61 (T), 62 (z). Hence, in particular, it follows that the keys to understanding texts can be lost during translations and reprints.

Lenin, Hitler and Stalin

The prophecies provide three chronologies with the life span of the biblical ancestors from the Creation of the world to Jesus Christ. Two chronologies are placed in the Letter to Henry and are 4758 (4757) and 4173.666 years long, respectively. The third chronology, 4056 years long, is contained in the almanac for 1566. The discrepancy between the lengths of the chronologies suggests that they are used to predict future events. A. Penzensky finds the origins of this idea in Joachim Floorsky’s concept of the repeatability of history, D. and N. Winter refer to the allegorical instructions of Nostradamus in the course of the text, other interpreters refer to the Jewish traditions of Torah interpretation. In “Dialogue with Nostradamus …” a hypothesis was put forward that chronology must be applied to some point of reference (for example, 1557.487 is the date of writing the Letter to Henry,

Then mysterious coincidences arise:

1557.487 + (2033.02 – 1557.487) × 4173.666 ÷ 6000 = 1888.273 (April 20, 1889) Hitler was born

1242,000 + (2033.02 – 1242,000) × 4758,000 ÷ 6000 = 1869.279 (April 22, 1870) Lenin was born

1557.487 + (2033.02 – 1557.487) × 4056.000 ÷ 6000 = 1878.947 (December 21, 1879) Stalin was born

The accuracy is equal to one day, taking into account the amendment +10 days of the difference between the Julian and Gregorian calendars in the 16th century. The mysterious date 2033.02 has several meanings (justifications):

most of the almanacs were dated in such a way that 6,000 years from the Creation of the World ends in 2033;

this is exactly the middle between Yom Kippur (Judgment Day) 6001 from CM according to the Hebrew calendar (2239.712 AD) and the end of 6000 years in the II chronology of Nostradamus (1826.334 AD):

(2239.712 + 1826.334) ÷ 2 = 2033.023 (Thursday, January 19, 2034 according to the Gregorian calendar);

this is the “first display” of Christ when compressed 6000 years I chronology before the holiday Yom Kippur 6001 years of the Hebrew calendar:

1242,000 + (2239,712 − 1242,000) × 4757,000 ÷ 6000 = 2033,02

Yom Kippur in Jewish tradition occurs on the 10th day of the new year of Rosh Hashanah, the time interval between the holidays is called “ten days of repentance”; 6000 years from the Creation of the World according to the Hebrew calendar expire on Thursday, September 17, 2240.

“Winter ciphers”

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