16 Foreigners Charged By Poland For Allegedly Spying For Russia

Poland said Wednesday it had charged 16 foreign individuals with spying for Russia, for allegedly

Warsaw began preparations for war

(ORDO NEWS) -- President Duda, as an experienced businessman, compared the price of Ukrainian and

2500-year-old bronze jewelry was found in Poland

(ORDO NEWS) -- Polish archeologist Weslaw Koman said that 13 bronze artifacts more than 2,500

Vampire Grave: Burial of vampires found in Poland

(ORDO NEWS) -- A mass burial known as a "vampire grave" was discovered in Poland.

Sacred artifacts of knights discovered in Poland

(ORDO NEWS) -- In Poland, archaeologists during excavations in the city of Daromina, Sandomierz region,

Tar-covered 10,000-year-old composite tool found in Poland

(ORDO NEWS) -- Archaeologists presented the results of a study of a Mesolithic compound tool

Archaeologists have discovered two forms of dwarfism in a medieval skeleton from Poland

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists from the University of Liverpool have discovered that human remains found

Strange dwarf skeleton found in Polish cemetery

(ORDO NEWS) -- On the territory of a medieval monastery in Poland, archaeologists discovered human

500,000-year-old tools found in Poland

(ORDO NEWS) -- Some 500,000-year-old tools have been found in a cave in Poland, belonging

Archaeologists have found traces of an extinct human species in Poland

(ORDO NEWS) -- Anthropologists from the University of Warsaw studied stone tools discovered in the