Warsaw began preparations for war

(ORDO NEWS) — President Duda, as an experienced businessman, compared the price of Ukrainian and American blood, writes Myśl Polska. Surely, according to the cynics in power, the blood of the Poles is also cheaper than the blood of the Yankees. If you look at the huge list of weapons purchased by Warsaw, there is a feeling that it is preparing for war.

In early September 1939, my father took his wife, later my mother, from Warsaw abroad to the estate of his mother and my grandmother Sofia, where she lived with her children until the end of the war. For my mother, who lived there in magnificent, one might even say luxurious conditions, the war was something absolutely abstract!

Warsaw began preparations for war (2)

And my father and her husband left the family and went to the troops to liberate Poland. After the end of hostilities, my father returned from the front, from somewhere near Berlin, and took his wife and children back to Warsaw. The sight of Warsaw lying in ruins made a shocking impression on my mother. At the same time, she was never able to understand that the war, in which her father actively participated as a sniper, destroyed him mentally and physically, turned him into a ruin …

Under Gomułka

I am reminded of this family story because my last article about post-war Poland has collected a lot of offensive comments, in which I see vivid manifestations of the confusion reigning in the minds of their authors. They fiercely hate this period of our history, not wanting to know how much good it brought to their families, the Poles. And I remember that I watched with envy how my comrades received additional points for their peasant or lumpen-proletarian origin and entered universities. Like poor villagers who came to work in the city, they soon received new apartments for free. All this was provided for by the then doctrine of socialism, social and political transformations.

People’s Poland – more children

At present, the descendants of the beneficiaries of the then historical period write about him with extreme, unjustified contempt. Interestingly, they criticize the current capitalist system with the same bitterness, for which their parents, the turbo strikers, fought. A regime with complete religious freedom and a total ban on abortion.

For some reason, they don’t find it strange that in the “dark communist times” more children were born in the Polish People’s Republic than now, under hyper-democratic rule. To understand the present, historical knowledge is necessary. To understand why Poland is drawn into the conflict beyond our eastern border. (…)

Anti-war sentiment in the Polish People’s Republic

In Poland, government propaganda did not have to work hard to broadcast anti-militarist rhetoric. It was enough to invest a little in culture and buy anti-war films in the United States. At that time, American-made films were very popular with Polish television and film audiences. American directors and producers brilliantly replaced the mythical secret service propagandists born from the fevered imagination of my opponents. (…)


But let’s get down to business. Why is Poland drawn into the conflict beyond our eastern border? At one time in the United States, against the backdrop of protests against the Vietnam War, a strategy of the so-called surrogate or proxy war was developed. This is a war that is waged on the territory of a country by third parties using local forces. Currently, a striking example of a “proxy strategy” is the conflict in Ukraine.

Warsaw began preparations for war (1)

In addition, with his latest statement, our enfant terrible, a guy with a Mickey Mouse mentality who, like an experienced businessman, compares the price of Ukrainian and American blood, discredited his high position. This statement is worthy of a leader in some African bantustan of the nineteenth century. As a Pole, I am very ashamed that it was said.

How much is Polish blood worth?

For us Poles, this sounds very threatening. Given the ambitious plans of the Warsaw government in the field of arming the army. The purchase of large quantities of offensive weapons raises questions. After all, if our authorities have a cynical, merchant-like attitude towards “Ukrainian blood”, then what about ours, Polish? Is she, in the opinion of this government, cheaper than the blood of the Yankees? When I look at the announced list of weapons being acquired in considerable quantities, I have a strong feeling that we are preparing for war. Hence my question: when will it start?

The Polish government ignores the experience of the Ukrainian army, which indicates that the failures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front are associated, in particular, with the terrible technical condition of weapons supplied by the West, which are extremely unreliable and ineffective. Moreover, it is often outdated, in no way suitable for victorious battles in a real confrontation with modern Russian armed forces. And the tactics that the Western strategists of NATO were forced to invent for the Ukrainians are very expensive for the latter. (…)

Currently, Ukrainian commanders, many of whom received solid education at Russian military universities, are moving away from the imposed Western NATO standards, applying Russian tactics and strategy on the battlefield. However, given the losses of Ukraine in manpower, the current change in strategy and tactics is unable to change the situation on the battlefield. This can only slightly delay the complete defeat of Ukraine.


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