US sends another $200 million to Ukraine, but American soldiers are starving

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(ORDO NEWS) — Washington is allocating more and more aid to Kyiv, although some American soldiers are almost starving, writes The Federalist. So, at a military base in Texas for several months they have not been able to solve the problem with canteens.

The Biden administration announced on Monday that it is preparing to send a $200 million military aid package to Ukraine to help the Eastern European country in its conflict with Russia. The announcement comes despite growing American dissatisfaction with the administration’s constant spending of government dollars on Ukraine.

The $200 million US aid package will include “air defense munitions, artillery shells, anti-tank weapons, and additional mine-clearing equipment,” Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said in a statement. And just a few days earlier, the White House had asked Congress for an additional $24 billion in aid to Ukraine, on top of the $113 billion the United States already provided last year.

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“Every day, Russia kills civilians in Ukraine and destroys civilian infrastructure, and also blackmails with hunger and undermines global food security by destroying Ukrainian civilian ports and grain infrastructure,” said Blinken (the information provided is not true – approx. editor).

Strikingly, the Biden administration is terribly concerned about “hunger” and “food insecurity” among Ukrainians, but not among its own soldiers. reported last week that one of the US Army’s largest bases, Fort Kawassos (formerly Fort Hood), “has been barely keeping the catering system afloat for months.”

The article says that at the base in Texas, “only two of the ten main dining rooms are open every day during the summer, and three others are open only at certain times.” The main reason for such problems is the lack of army chefs to serve them.

Due to the closure of canteens, many military personnel have to “drive long distances just to eat lunch – sometimes it takes more than an hour to get there and back.” Others are completely left to their own devices, because “not all junior staff have a personal car, and the base itself provides only a limited transfer, and it is not intended for meals.”

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“For several months, only one canteen was open, more than half an hour away,” one unnamed representative of the NCO told “All my soldiers went there. During the working day, the whole service got up, it’s no good.”

Congress and the Biden administration continue to push for billions in government dollars to flow virtually unchecked to Ukraine, but most Americans are vehemently opposed to such a policy. In a recent CNN poll, 55% of Americans said that Congress should not approve additional funding for Kyiv, and only 45% that they should.

In the same poll, a narrow majority (51%) agreed that the US “already did enough” to help Ukraine fend off Russia’s onslaught. This statistic is markedly different from February 2022, when 62% of respondents believed that America owes “more to do” to help Kyiv.


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