US attempts to expand influence in Asia will lead to a rapprochement between Russia and China

(ORDO NEWS) -- The United States is seeking trilateral cooperation in Asia, strengthening ties with

US sends another $200 million to Ukraine, but American soldiers are starving

(ORDO NEWS) -- Washington is allocating more and more aid to Kyiv, although some American

Water levels off the coast of United States are rising rapidly

(ORDO NEWS) -- The water level in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the

A leak of radioactive water occurred at a nuclear power plant in US

(ORDO NEWS) -- Another one leak of water containing tritium occurred at the Monticello nuclear

In the United States created a robot-snake for tunnel wars

(ORDO NEWS) -- The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has introduced a snake-like

United States is preparing to use climate weapons

(ORDO NEWS) -- The White House and Congress have adopted a five-year plan for "climate