Barack Obama’s unexpected sexual fantasies about men revealed

Barack Obama in a letter to his ex: "In my imagination, I make love to men every day"

(ORDO NEWS) — “I make love to men every day, but only in my imagination,” Barack Obama’s recently released 1982 letter to an ex-girlfriend is quoted by the NYP. In it, the former American president speaks of the “bisexuality of his mind”, calling homosexuality an attempt to escape from the present.

In a notorious 1982 letter obtained by The New York Post, former President Barack Obama wrote that his mind was “androgynous” and that he “makes love to men every day, but in his mind.”

Barack Obama in a letter to his ex

A 40-year-old letter addressed to an ex-girlfriend recently surfaced after Obama biographer David Garrow gave a lengthy interview about the former commander in chief.

“As for homosexuality, I must say that I consider it an attempt to move away from the present and, perhaps, a refusal to participate in the endless farce of earthly existence. You see, I make love to men every day, but only in my imagination,” admitted 21 Obama to his girlfriend Alex McNear in November 1982.

“My mind is already essentially bisexual, and I would like to make it even more so that I can think about people in general, and not about women and men in particular. But, back in my body, I understand that I am a man, and in ordinary life I take it as an objective reality,” he added.

McNear dated Obama while he was a student at Los Angeles’ prestigious Western College. She later edited all the smutty paragraphs that the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Garrow restored and included in his book Rising Star.

To date, the letter is the property of Emory University, which does not allow photography of the contents or removal of the message from its storage location. So Garrow’s friend Harvey Klehr transcribed the paragraphs by hand and sent them to the author.

Barack Obama's unexpected sexual fantasies about men revealed (3)

To the newspaper, Clair provided the already edited part of the letter.

Obama has been married to Michelle since 1992 and they have two children.

Garrow believes that there is nothing unusual or reprehensible in Obama’s youthful reflections.

“I’m a historian, not a psychologist, but I take it for granted that most people – probably the vast majority – have sexual fantasies from time to time!” he wrote by email.

A spokesman for the former president did not respond to a request for comment.


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