In Poland, they found a buried woman with a sickle on her throat so that she would not rise from the dead

(ORDO NEWS) — In Poland, a woman was found buried according to an unusual rite. It is reported by Mail Online.

Her throat was pinned to the ground with a sickle, and a lock was put on her toe to prevent her “returning from the dead”. She lay in a 17th-century cemetery in the village of Pien.

The researchers found that the skeleton had a silk cap on its head, which emphasizes the high social status of the buried. In addition, one of the teeth unusually protruded from the jaw.

In those days, superstitious people often tried to prevent the return of the dead from the next world, so sometimes the dead were cut off their heads or legs, laid face down, burned or smashed with a stone.

In addition, sometimes a sickle was placed in the grave on the throat so that if the deceased tried to stand up, the head would be chopped off or damaged.

The lock on the big toe of the left foot of the skeleton probably symbolizes the closure of the path and the impossibility of returning.

When placed in burials, the sickles served as a guarantee that the dead remained in their graves and therefore could not harm the living.

But, perhaps, they also served to protect the dead from evil forces, since according to Polish peasant beliefs, the sickle protected women in childbirth and children from evil spirits.


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