Wars, a flood and 40 years without a rainbow: What Nostradamus predicted for the 21st century

(ORDO NEWS) — In critical periods of history, people are unconsciously drawn to prophecies in the hope of seeing light and warmth in the foreseeable future. However, predictions are not always rosy.

For half of the current millennium, the prophetic quatrains (quatrains) of the French seer and alchemist Michel Nostradamus have been exciting the minds of researchers of his centuries (a collection of twelve books with 942 quatrains).

Deciphering and interpreting the thoughts of the prophet remains on the conscience of translators from the French language.

Worldwide horoscope

Note that Nostradamus made his famous and very voluminous horoscope for 2,240 years ahead. His astrological almanacs are calculated up to the year 3797.

It captures the future events of the whole world. It is believed that the predictions of Nostradamus contain direct indications of the Second World War, the nuclear explosion in Hiroshima, the AIDS epidemic, the terrorist attack in the United States in 2001, the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral in 2019.

Catastrophic details of 2023

Quatrain (quatrain) with a prediction, marked as 5/23, carries unambiguous information:

“The two contenders will unite together

When most others unite with Mars

African leader scared and shaking

The double alliance is divided by the fleet.”

Interpreters of a number of countries saw in the “African leader” the American billionaire Elon Musk (he is from the Republic of South Africa).

We are already seeing his “fear”, and politicians associate such a reaction by Musk with fears of fomenting a nuclear war, which could flare up due to the unwillingness of the Kyiv regime to start a diplomatic dialogue with Russia. Musk’s words and his peace plan have already become a real diplomatic scandal.

There are also indications of a certain military conflict in the quatrains of Nostradamus:

“Great Arabia will go far ahead,

(But) will be betrayed by the Byzantines.

Ancient Rhodes will come out to meet her.

And even more evil – from the Pannonian Austra”

Interpreters believe that these lines indicate Islamic states that will attempt to invade new territories.

In their opinion, Turkey can violate the interests of the Muslim world, the threat of an Arab-Turkish conflict is great, and Europe will be engulfed in a military confrontation that will last seven months. Many people will die, and the result will be a new world order.

America’s destiny

The prophecies of Nostradamus do not promise anything good for the United States: political instability, poverty and the growing dissatisfaction of the population with the ruling regime can lead to a civil war in early 2023. The American president is destined for a “mysterious disease” in predictions.

Asteroid and flood

In another quatrain, Nostradamus warns of fire (probably an asteroid) falling from the sky, which will upset the balance of our planet. The consequence will be a monstrous flood – England and the southern coast of America will be covered by ocean waters:

“For forty years you won’t see a rainbow

For forty years she will be seen every day

Dry land will become even more withered

And then there will be great floods.”

New Pope

From these predictions of Nostradamus about global changes in the Vatican, goosebumps run down the spine, because they are already coming true, literally before our eyes:

“The Antichrist will destroy these three very soon,

Twenty-seven years will be the blood of his war.

Unbelievers are dead, captive, banished;

With blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the ground.”

Simply put, the astrologer indicated the arrival of a young pontiff who would succeed Pope Francis. It is already widely known that Pope Benedict died on the last day of 2022, his successor is considered to be Pope Francis, who, by the way, celebrated the funeral mass on January 2, 2023.

The total collapse of the digital world

The prophecies of these two clairvoyant people unanimously declare that one of the created models of artificial intelligence will gain self-awareness and take control of all computer systems.

Do I need to explain that in the modern world, entangled in the Internet, such a failure will lead to a total collapse and destruction of the usual way of life.


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