Vanga predicted the emergence of new diseases in 2022

(ORDO NEWS) — Every year it becomes known about new prophecies of the clairvoyant – and they are very accurate.

The predictions of the Bulgarian seer Vanga always come true – and every year new revelations of the clairvoyant who died more than twenty years ago shock everyone.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, her friend Sergei Kostornoy said that people all over the world would suffer from the disease – but it turned out that Vanga had a prophecy for 2022.

There was good news in it – the third world would not happen, and the terrible natural disasters that choked the world in 2021 would recede.

The forests in Yakutia will no longer burn, the Canarian volcanoes will calm down and fall asleep. But most of the predictions still sound gloomy.

Mankind will be overwhelmed by a new disease that has come from Siberia, which has been dormant for a long time in the permafrost.

Due to global warming, the virus will get out and will take the lives of people. It turns out that the coronavirus epidemic will not end.

But people will learn to live in these conditions and will be able to wait for the end of the scourge.

Also, in some regions of the world, a serious shortage of drinking water will begin, and India will face famine – all because of abnormal heat.

Russia will not be able to find a common language and get closer to the West, but it will find an ally in China.

So far, the only planned trip of Russian President Vladimir Putin for next year is to the opening of the Olympics in Beijing.

Finally, “people will become rich, but without money in their hands.” This prophecy is rather vague – does it mean the rise of cryptocurrencies, the reduction in the use of cash, or something else?

Wang will no longer give a clear answer, and modern esotericists find it difficult to interpret the prediction.


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