Scientists confirmed Vanga’s prediction about a terrible disease from Siberia

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(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have explained how real the predictions of the famous Bulgarian seer Vanga about a new ailment that may appear at the end of this year are.

So, ecologist Roman Pukalov noted that there is some truth in the “unscientific” forecasts of the Bulgarian healer.

The expert believes that anthrax spores pose the greatest danger to humanity.

Pukalov recalled that there have already been precedents when animals died from this disease, which, for safety reasons, were buried in the Siberian permafrost.

In connection with global warming, glaciers will inevitably thaw, so at the moment there is a real threat of “awakening” not only anthrax, but also other viruses, the specialist explained.

A similar forecast was shared by virologist Elena Meskina.

According to her, due to the hot summer a few years ago, due to the spread of anthrax spores, an outbreak of diseases arose. In addition, other pathogenic bacteria can “wake up”.

However, according to Meskina, they should not be feared, because the human immune system has developed “powerful protection” over the years.

At the same time, the issue of the spread of anthrax is much more acute.

The specialist believes that the outbreak, which occurred several years ago, may repeat again when the ice and burial grounds with spores melt.

Despite this, Meskina ruled out the possibility of a pandemic, since the ulcer is easy to identify and localize with the help of modern medicine.


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