Vanga’s visitor remembered the terrible prediction of the seer

(ORDO NEWS) — According to the forecast, a little less than a month remains before the chilling events described by a personally acquaintance with a clairvoyant man.

The world-famous Bulgarian fortuneteller Vanga, to whom people from all over the world came, managed to make many predictions about the fate of mankind during her life.

The seer’s predictions have repeatedly come true, so the words of the blind soothsayer that pop up to this day still excite the minds of many.

Not so long ago one of the visitors of the famous clairvoyant came to the program “Actually”. Winemaker Boris Kyuchukov, who met Vanga in 1993, still keeps in his head the memories of his meeting with the interpreter.

On the air of the TV show, he spoke about the words of the Bulgarian fortuneteller regarding his own fate and revealed Vanga’s ominous forecast about the global upheavals of the future.

According to Kuchukov, the seer predicted the opening of the winery for him, when he himself did not even think in this direction. However, the “rivers of grapes” really started flowing some time after visiting Vanga.

As for the daunting prophecy for the world, the timing of its implementation will come soon. Less than a month is left before the terrible events, according to the forecasts of the seer – something supposedly should happen on February 2, 2022 . The difficult time will be associated with the behavior of China, the winemaker emphasized.

“A fiery rain will fall. The dragon will spew flame, and fiery tears will flow. They will show him teeth. Other countries will scare, but the dragon will proudly show its fangs, and everyone will regret that they ran into it, ”Kyuchukov recalled Vanga’s words.

Contemporaries to this day are trying to interpret not only the words of Vanga, but also other oracles of the past. Judging by the deciphered predictions of the French seer Michel Nostradamus, in 2022, humanity may face serious shocks.

The Year of the Water Tiger is supposed to test the strength of people. Large-scale disasters will occur due to climate change.


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