What Vanga said about the future world order

(ORDO NEWS) — The famous Bulgarian fortune teller Vanga spoke about the political world order in the coming years.

Vanga has more than once accurately predicted certain events. For example, the seer clearly saw the collapse of the USSR, the war in Afghanistan, the September 11 terrorist attack in the United States, and even military operations in Ukraine.

Because of this, she made even ardent skeptics, who initially laughed at the fortuneteller, believe in her abilities.

“There will be a lot of water and fire,” said the seer.

In addition, according to her translator Todor Todorov, people will “divide the icy land.” However, it is still unknown what exactly Vanga had in mind.

Most likely, we are talking about the world order, geopolitics and relations between countries. It is impossible to say most precisely now, but in any case, people need to think about what the wise grandmother from Bulgaria warned about.


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