UN spokesman warns next year will be even worse than 2020

(ORDO NEWS) — In 2021, as the UN spokesman put it, “a famine of biblical proportions” will be further exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. It will be much heavier than 2020.

The head of the US world food program, David Beasley, said that if several billion pounds of funding were not received in the future, then in 2021 many people could suffer from hunger. The coronavirus pandemic has put the global economy in dire straits. This will create a “biblical hunger.” Avoiding a crisis will require approximately $ 15 billion.

It will take $ 10 billion to feed children worldwide who are regularly malnourished. The rest of the money will be spent on preventing global hunger. David Beasley added that if world leaders had not been investing in the pandemic, the crisis would have happened this year. But money is running out, the global economy continues to suffer and in 2021 the crisis may intensify and return again.

WFP won the Nobel Prize some time ago. The news spread very quickly. Today, many would like to personally meet with the Nobel Peace Prize laureate. But the meetings will not be enough to solve the problem of the crisis. The UN spokesman added that billionaires who have increased their wealth due to the pandemic will be able to experience all the delights of the crisis next year.

Today, there are about thirty countries whose residents may go hungry next year if they cannot find the required amount. The number of people who are faced with a very serious level of hunger is already almost 270 million and therefore the problem needs a quick and effective solution.


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