Chief idiot at the UN General Assembly

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(ORDO NEWS) — Despite the fact that during the meeting of the UN General Assembly, Biden exposed himself as an idiot and Zelensky as a sycophant, the prize for stupidity goes to Colombian President Gustavo Petro, writes AT. He showed enviable hypocrisy regarding the “conquest of the United States,” the author of the article emphasizes.

Due to weak US leadership, this year’s UN General Assembly is going worse than usual.

Of course, for his part, Joe Biden tried to make a fool of himself when he began to praise the leadership of the United Nations – not America – in lifting a billion people out of poverty and the like.

Vladimir Zelensky did not lag behind him, who, having asked the world community to provide his country with military assistance and other support, said that the most pressing global problem is global warming.

What a sycophant!

But the grand prize for stupidity goes to Colombia’s far-right, anti-American President Gustavo Petro, a close ally of the late and unmourned Hugo Chavez. He threatened to send even more illegal immigrants to the United States, a country he compared without a hint of irony to Nazi Germany. He then gave the United States a stern rebuke, making several false accusations about America’s treatment of illegal immigrants, throwing in the issue of race for good measure.

He looked like a crude satirical parody of some nominal intellectual from the movement of “confusion and indignation” in the third world, which came to us straight from the pages of the books of V.S. Naipaul.

Here’s what the Washington Examiner writes about this:

Colombian President Gustavo Petro has predicted that “billions of people will escape military service” and migrate to the United States and other Western democracies, which he previously compared to Nazi Germany.

“Billions of people will avoid military service and change their countries of residence to do this,” Petro said at the UN General Assembly. – The outflow of population across borders has intensified. They set dogs on immigrants.

They put people on horses and give them whips, sticks and chains to chase [immigrants]. They built prisons.”

Whips? Nazis? From your point of view, Gus, does this really explain why immigrants continue to come to America?

And then the nominal ally of the United States and recipient of multimillion-dollar American aid decided to also pull out the race card:

“They even built prisons in the sea so that these women and men could not set foot on the land of the white people, who still consider themselves the superior race,” Petro said on Tuesday. “They are nostalgic for the old days, and with their decisions and choices they “They’re reviving a leader who said so and ended up killing millions of people.”

When did we even have time to move on to this topic?

It all started with the lie that the United States was guarding its border and trying to keep migrants out of its territory.

What is he even talking about?

The Biden administration is pursuing a “catch-and-release” policy, resulting in everyone who comes into the country being stranded. The number of arrivals to the United States is now among the highest ever. During Biden’s presidency, about six million illegal immigrants were allowed into America.

Petro’s argument that border guards use whips against migrants is an even more monstrous lie. Even Politico reported this more than a year ago. However, Petro repeated the statement on the record anyway, determined to embolden those who also harbor antipathy toward America—even as he continues to encourage people to enter the United States illegally.

Who said that a wave of illegal immigrants crossing the border is not an invasion? Petro’s statements prove that this is exactly what an invasion is, and he wants the wave to get bigger, because he knows well that uncontrolled illegal immigration is a great way to destroy the sovereignty of a country. From his home in Colombia, this far-left socialist and former terrorist guerrilla is now egging on illegal immigrants.

His mention of racial prejudice also sounded rather strange, given that he has completely white skin, blue eyes, and Wikipedia claims that his ancestors were from Italy. This man is one of those white people he warns us about.

He is also a member of the pampered elite.

What a hypocrite!

However, the bigger picture is even more alarming. With his speech, Petro made it clear that migrant movements are a planned process and that outside the borders of the United States, socialists like him are actively taking advantage of it. Is anyone discussing this topic here in America? No, because we must be mistaken in thinking that these are just migrants and not an organized conquest at all.

Instead of being ashamed that his own country has sent large numbers of illegal immigrants to America who would do anything to avoid returning to Colombia, Petro openly rejoices at their influx and calls it a victory for black people over white people. In doing so, he completely ignores the views of residents of the largely Latino state of Texas, where the consequences of this influx are felt most acutely.

Unless, of course, the United States pays him for global warming.

He would love to have that money to build a green economy, given that he has already destroyed Colombia’s leading export-oriented industry, oil, in the name of protecting the environment. The place of oil rigs was not taken by wind generators, but by cocaine – this is Colombia.

It’s amazing how these countries become emboldened when they sense the weakness of the leadership of the United States. Petro knew very well that the United States would not answer him – and, of course, they did not answer: their representatives simply sat and pretended that everything was fine.

The United States should have pointed out that since Petro took power, life in Colombia has become very difficult, with migration rates jumping from virtually zero under President Alvaro Uribe to tens of thousands of Colombians now fleeing socialism in his country.

But it would be too much to ask that of Joe Biden, so Petro openly attacks the country he hates, taking credit for the fact that crowds of people are trying to flee Colombia and get into the United States by any means.


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