Funeral on the Moon: Human remains to be delivered to Earth satellite in 2021

(ORDO NEWS) — As part of a commercial funeral service that was combined with NASA‘s lunar mission, the ashes of deceased people will be sent to the moon in 2021. For the flight, Celestis will provide more than a dozen capsules that contain human DNA and ashes.

NASA is set to launch the Luna 2 mission in July 2021. She will be sent to the region of the moon called Lacus Mortis. Only one person has been buried on the lunar surface to date. This is the famous planetary scientist Eugene Shoemaker.

Celestis is based in Houston. The official website says that memorial capsules with ashes will remain on the moon as a respect for the souls of those people who have strived for the stars all their lives. The remains of science fiction authors, astronauts, scientists, as well as a mathematics teacher from Britain are going to be sent to Earth next year. In order to transfer the capsules to the moon and bury them, the American robotic unit Astrobotic built a special spacecraft called Peregrine Lander. It will be the first American spacecraft to land on a satellite after Apollo.

The Peregrine Mission One will be launched with a Vulcan Centaur United Launch Alliance rocket from Florida. The capsules will remain on the moon as a permanent monument. It is worth noting that this method of honoring the dead is becoming more and more popular and many would like their ashes to be sent into space.

Celestis isn’t the only company offering space disposal services. But for this you need to have enough money in stock to burn and send the remains to the moon.


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