Representatives of a fictitious country attended a meeting at the UN

(ORDO NEWS) — Individuals representing the United States of Kailash (USK) reportedly managed to infiltrate the United Nations (UN) twice last month.

Nityananda Paramashivam, a self-proclaimed guru from India who is wanted in connection with a number of criminal offenses, declared himself the founder of his own country back in 2020.

The so-called “United States of Kailash” does not really exist, but this did not stop Nityananda from sending his representatives to participate in official meetings at the UN.

In 2019, when Nityananda announced the creation of the United States of Kailash as a state, he claimed to have bought an island off the coast of Ecuador as his headquarters, but the government of the South American country denied any knowledge of the deal.

The scandalous guru has not been seen in public for the past 4 years, but the ambitions of the fictitious nation have grown, and this year its representatives attended two meetings of the UN.

Representatives of a fictitious country attended a meeting at the UN 2

According to reports, USK representatives attended two events: one on February 22, which discussed the representation of women in decision-making systems, and the second on February 24, which was dedicated to discussing sustainable development.

Video footage recorded during the second session showed the representative introducing herself as Vijayapriya Nityananda, the “permanent ambassador” of the United States of Kailash.

She participated in the discussion and submitted a written submission, but it was later dismissed by officials on the grounds that it “related to the subject at hand”.

A similar presentation made during the first session was also ignored.

Suffice it to say that it doesn’t look like USK will be getting official recognition anytime soon.


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