Telepathy really exists

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(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers have used MRI technology to record telepathy between people and recorded it. The transmission of thoughts at a distance really does exist.

The transmission of thoughts, feelings, emotions, or one person evoking a biological response from another that can be measured with modern medical equipment such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was the subject of a 2006 study, and the results have now been published. An article in the National Library of Medicine is titled, “Evidence for a Correlation Between Distant Intentionality and Brain Function in Recipients: An Analysis of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging.”

Research has shown that distant intentionality (DI), which is defined as sending thoughts at a distance (telepathy) from the sender, actually correlates with the activation of certain areas of the recipient’s brain.

The study involved eleven “healers” who actually work in this area, and another 11 people who did not call themselves healers, but had some kind of special connection with the healer.

As described in the study:

Healers submitted DI forms relating to their own healing methods at random 2-minute intervals that were unknown to the recipient. No significant differences were found between experimental (dispatch) and control (no dispatch) procedures. Areas activated during experimental procedures included the anterior and middle cingulate gyrus, precuneus, and frontal region. It was concluded that instructions for a healer to make an intentional connection with a sensory isolated person may be correlated with changes in that person’s brain function.

The authors explain that the purpose of the study was not to measure the healing from any ailment, but to investigate if there was any biological response when the sender sent these types of thoughts and feelings to the recipient from a distance.

While the receivers (the people to whom the mental message was sent) were placed on the MRI machine, healers used a variety of techniques including touch, prayer, chanting, Reiki, vibration or sound healing, qigong, and other forms of DI.

The healers were given specific information about their role in the research, and this included the “On. (Send) ”and“ Disable (Do not send). ”In the On state The healers sent information and tried to establish a connection with the receiver, but in the “Off” state They stopped. The type of information sent was described as “sending energy, prayer or good intentions, or as thinking about a person in a scanner and wishing him the highest good.”

The receivers were ordered to relax and lie down inside the machine, and were not given any information about the on / off times, and the healers themselves were not informed of the on / off times of the conditions. Thus, they could not transmit this information to their receivers prior to scanning.

The study authors found that “group analysis revealed significant activation in multiple brain regions” at the time the DI practitioner was sending messages to the recipient. They concluded that “Overall, the results show significant activation of brain regions that coincide with DI intervals.”

Further in the study, the researchers write that there are “problems” associated with the study, but noted that very convincing statistically significant results were obtained.

One of the main “problems” was that there were no known biological processes that could actually properly explain or identify telepathy.

As a hypothesis, they mention that the study “can be interpreted as consistent with the idea of ​​entanglement in quantum theory.”

It is important to note – Just because there is no scientific explanation or biological methods that can be accurately determined to explain this phenomenon, it does not at all mean that it is unreal and is not the result of human consciousness.

There is no scientific explanation, but telepathy, despite this, really exists.

So maybe the time has come for the official science of consciousness to appear?

How much does this contradict long-standing beliefs about us and our world? Will this change the worldview of the whole society? Could this change the way we live in our society?


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