Turkey: there were mysterious huge dips in the ground

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In Konya silt in the center of Turkey, about 300 major soil failures formed. Giant pits dotted the plain and became a local attraction.

Dips in the soil appeared in the form of cones and deep craters, which look like foundation pits and traces of a projectile or meteorite.

Scientists believe that such a large number of dips are caused by natural geological processes and the widespread use of groundwater.

In Konya silt, a gradual expansion of agriculture, requiring constant watering, took place. This has increased the demand for groundwater.

Failures create a number of problems for farmers, people are afraid to farm on unstable soils.

One of the largest funnels in the silt for more than 2 thousand years, its area is 17.5 thousand square meters. m. Inside it appeared artificially created caves.


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