In Turkey found a tomb that protected the living from the “restless dead”

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(ORDO NEWS) — During the excavations of the ancient city of Sagalassos in southwestern Turkey, scientists discovered a tomb from the Roman era (100-150 AD), enclosed by a triple “magic protection”.

Archaeologists consider it unique, since a combination of rites that has not been seen before has been found.

41 bent and twisted nails were found around the cremation chamber. The scientists also found 24 bricks that had been laid on a still-smoldering fire in a double layer of lime plaster.

An adult male was buried in the tomb. Moreover, for the Roman period, the cremation of the remains directly in the burial chamber is not typical.

The fact that it was tightly walled up, and “magic” nails were scattered nearby, speaks of the superstitious fear of people before the “restless dead”.

The lead author of the study, Johan Klais, an archaeologist at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium, stressed that the burial was sealed three times.

Each of the practices used (cremation on site, bent nail, masonry) is known in itself. But their combination has never been seen before.

“It implies the great fear that people experienced before the “restless dead,” the expert noted.

During his lifetime, the buried man was hardly considered dangerous. Inside the burial chamber, ordinary objects of that time were found.


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