In the ancient text found mention of the “coronavirus”

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In one of the ancient Ayurvedic texts, experts found a description of objects that cannot be seen without special equipment. These objects could provoke a strong cough in a person and even causes death.

Researchers have long known that ancient Indian traditions and texts contain very strange descriptions.

They described flying mechanisms on which the gods allegedly moved. The Rig Veda has a calculation of the speed of light. If you translate the result of this calculation into kilometers per second, then you get almost the same speed indicator as was established by modern scientists.

In the ancient Vedas there is evidence that before people were well versed in a variety of sciences, medicine, architecture, astronomy and more. All this was created several thousand years ago and is truly true. The average age of texts studied by experts is approximately 5 thousand years.

A few millennia ago, people understood very well what infection is and what it can be caused by – objects of very small size, which today are called viruses. In ancient documents you can even find a description of this virus, which very much resembles that strain of coronavirus that provoked a pandemic today.

This discovery was made by Smith Naram, who has been studying Indian traditional medicine for a long time.

In the same texts that described a virus that is dangerous to humans, there are ways to prevent infection and protect yourself from the disease. In order not to become infected, a person should be alone and not eat the food that will help the virus become stronger. Dr. Naram is sure that in this situation it is a question of bread, various dairy products and wheat, as well as products that are made from it.


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