Man revived as he was buried after earthquake in Turkey

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(ORDO NEWS) — Found under the rubble after the earthquake in Turkey, the man was considered dead and tried to bury.

One of those killed in the earthquake in Turkey suddenly “resurrected” during his own funeral. This story was published by Expat Guide Turkey.

A few days ago, Ahmed al-Maghribi was pulled out from under the rubble of a collapsed building. Doctors said the man was dead.

Akhmed’s body was taken to the morgue for relatives to come and identify him. After that, the man’s family began to prepare for the funeral.

However, the ceremony ended abruptly with a “resurrection”: Ahmed came to life as he was about to be placed in the coffin.

The relatives of the man were shocked by what had happened. They sent Ahmed to the hospital. Now he continues to be treated and already feels well.


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