Can Turkey declare war on Israel – the answer of a political scientist

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NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) — The Turkish leader sharply criticized Israel, calling the country an occupier. Such statements are not only aimed at Jerusalem or the war with Hamas. They affect more countries.

This was reported to 24 Kanal by political scientist Ihor Chalenko.

Former Pentagon adviser, Colonel Douglas McGregor said that Recep Erdogan may enter the Palestinian-Israeli war on the side of Hamas. Such assumptions arose against the background of Erdoğan’s populist statements about support for Hamas and criticism of Israel.

“I do not consider Turkey’s entry into this conflict impossible. Mr. Erdogan really wants to unite the Turkic world and actually wants to restore the Ottoman Empire from the point of view of Turkey’s influence on the territories that were part of the Ottoman Empire”, Ihor Chalenko noted.

Turkey acts as a kind of competitor to Iran in the struggle for leadership in the Islamic world. In addition, such activation is also aimed at preventing a full-scale ground operation of the IDF in the Gaza Strip.

“I am frightened by some of Erdogan’s phrases, in particular, when he said that now this conflict is a question of Turkey’s independence. It started to look a lot like Putin. Today, this is a factor in the fact that the system of checks and balances has finally collapsed in the world,” the political scientist noted.

Now many countries have a desire to aggrandize themselves on the geopolitical map, which is clearly demonstrated by Turkey. In addition, the theme of the conflict in the Middle East, Erdoğan overlaps the internal political struggle. And it unites the Turkish people by showing a new conventional enemy – Israel

“Turkey may enter the conflict, it is possible. But I do not think that it will be a full-scale war. Rather a short-term operation. Turkey does not engage in such full-scale wars, but likes to show its leadership among Muslims and the Arab world,” Chalenko stressed.

Moreover, Turkey is currently only at the stage of developing its own military industry. They approach this really comprehensively, but their resources will not be enough for a major war.

In this context, it is worth noting that such populist statements by Erdoğan should worry not even Israel, but Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, etc. This is a certain allusion to the sovereignty of these countries.

Friends, the war is not over yet, and the dreamed Victory is possible only with our unity. Everyone who is now in the rear should be reliable helpers for the soldiers who defend our motherland with weapons in their hands.

So sending gifts is the least we have to do daily and tirelessly for our defenders. One of the options for helping the Armed Forces is to transfer a certain amount to a special account of the NBU to collect funds for the needs of the army.


News agencies contributed to this report, edited and published by ORDO News editors.

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