Scientists have proven that Marco Polo had an illegitimate daughter

(ORDO NEWS) — In the archives that are stored in Venice, there is information that Marco Polo had a daughter, about whom absolutely no one knew.

A graduate student from the University of Ca Foscari, Marcello Bolognari, accidentally found a document in the state archives, which says that Marco Polo also had a fourth daughter, whose name was Agnese.

She had not been heard of before. In order to better know the biography of the world-famous traveler who discovered China, scientists have spent seven centuries.

Marco Polo wrote The Book of the Diversity of the World. There is official information regarding the fact that he was only once married to a woman named Donata Badoer.

She was from a fairly old Venetian family of patricians and gave birth to three daughters, who were named Fantine, Moreta and Bellela.

Researchers who have studied the life of Marco Polo quite well suggest that Agnese was born before Donata was married. Presumably, the unknown daughter of the traveler was born in 1300.

Polo returned to the territory of Venice only in 1295 after he had made a long journey to the East. In 1298, after a battle took place between Genoa and Venice, the man was taken into custody and released from prison only the following year.

Until today, only minor “hints” could be found in scientific sources that there was another daughter of Marco Polo.

But only after a piece of her will was discovered in the state archive, it was possible to obtain evidence that is simply impossible to argue with.

The document was written on July 7, 1319 and was used as a fulfillment of the will of the deceased, who was only 23-24 years old.

In addition, the document mentions the names of three different men – a husband named Nicolo Kalbo, father of Marco Polo and Stefano Polo, who was another distant relative.

In the near future, experts are going to establish exactly why the traveler tried to hide the presence of his eldest daughter.

In addition, they want to know if there was a formal union or if the girl was born out of wedlock. So far, no information has been found on this.


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