Woman pretended to be a man for over 30 years to protect her daughter

(ORDO NEWS) — A woman who pretended to be a man for over 30 years says she changed her identity to protect her daughter after a tragic incident left them vulnerable.

The resourceful 36-year-old woman reportedly pretended to be a man to protect her daughter and keep herself safe from her pursuers.

Having married at the age of 20, she tragically lost her husband 15 days after the wedding, while pregnant. She immediately felt all the hardships of a single mother in the strict, traditional and sometimes insecure environment of her village.

Petchiammal eventually decided to leave, cut her hair and changed clothes after visiting the Tiruchendur Murugan temple where she changed her name to “Mutu”.

The woman then spent the rest of her life keeping her true identity a secret from everyone except her daughter and close family members. She worked at construction sites, in hotels and tea shops.

Woman pretended to be a man for over 30 years to protect her daughter 2

Petchiammal told New India Express: “We moved to Kattunayakkanpatty over 20 years ago. Only my close relatives and my daughter knew that I was a woman.”

The woman even had bank accounts registered in a fake male name.

“I have done all kinds of work, from being a painter, a tea master, a parotta maker to a 100 day job. I saved every penny to ensure a safe life for my daughter.”

“A few days later, when Mutu [male name] became my new identity, she was mentioned in all documents, including the voter ID and bank account.”

Petchiammal added that while her daughter is now married, she doesn’t want to go back to women’s clothing as she believes the personality she took on gave her child a “safer life” and therefore believes she should die as one. and the same person.


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