Vaccine reaction or COVID-19 symptoms how not to be confused

(ORDO NEWS) — After vaccination against coronavirus, a variety of symptoms can occur that are very similar to the disease itself.

Therefore, you need to know which signs are just the body’s reaction to vaccination. Representatives of the Ministry of Health spoke about this in more detail.

The department emphasized that weakness and headache, as well as fever, do not indicate infection with coronavirus, but act as a normal reaction to vaccination.

We must not forget that the symptoms of COVID-19 will be present much longer than the effects of vaccination. Therefore, it is worth comparing well-being with the following symptoms:

– Unpleasant signs in both cases may be present for several days.

– With COVID-19, symptoms can last for weeks or even months. This does not happen after vaccination.

– In both cases, there may be a significant increase in temperature, as well as headache.

– After vaccination, a cough does not appear, which is typical for infection with COVID-19.

– Also, vaccinations do not provoke the occurrence of shortness of breath – this symptom very often occurs      when infected with a coronavirus.

– Both vaccinations and COVID-19 can cause sore throats.

– Coronavirus can lead to distortion or complete loss of smell and taste, unlike vaccination.

– When you are sick, it is very difficult to concentrate your attention.

– With COVID-19, symptoms worsen after physical or mental activity.

In addition, the following complications may additionally occur if a person is still ill with a coronavirus:

– Pneumonia;

– Serious problems with the heart or kidneys, sometimes with two systems at once;

– Inflammation of the nervous system;

– Various chronic diseases may begin to worsen.

After vaccination, all this is gone. If a person is strong enough, vaccination does not cause any consequences at all.


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