Main danger in the mountains is being a man and using your phone

(ORDO NEWS) — An expert on mountain tourism in Scotland has warned about the best way to save your life during an extreme tour. The best thing is to be a woman.

It is very important to look under your feet, but sometimes you need to look up in the mountains.

Scottish mountain tourism data for 7 years (until 2019) shows that women account for only 10 out of 114 deaths. Heather Morning, head instructor at Scotland’s National Training Center for Outdoor Skills, encourages visitors to “think about winter”.

Her call stems from new statistics: rescues have increased by 40% in recent weeks as climbers misjudged treacherous spring conditions on the summits. This month alone, seven people have died at snow resorts. Unlucky most of all – men.

main danger in the mountains is being a man and using your phone 2

Statistics showed

“We see deaths when people step on hardened snow and, unable to stay on their feet, crash on rocks or cliffs. However, there is a trend.

Almost all of those killed in the mountains of Scotland are men, most often men over 60 years old, ”Morning notes. In her previous role as Mountain Safety Advisor for Mountaineering Scotland, Heather analyzed data over a seven-year period.

“Having made generalizations about masculine and feminine qualities in regards to risk taking (obviously, this does not reflect the situation completely) from many years of work, I noticed that guys tend to overestimate their abilities and do everything at random.

They do not think about the need for formal training in navigational skills. While ladies are prone to the opposite trend, ”the expert admits. This “male” (male) reluctance to learn about navigation echoes the conviction of many young people about the sufficiency of only the application “Maps” on a smartphone.

“Now all life is connected with a mobile phone, so it is quite natural to take it with you to the mountain environment, and consider the map and compass obsolete,” notes Heather Morning.


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