Experts told what not to do with the phone while charging

(ORDO NEWS) — Many smartphone owners themselves are to blame for the fact that they break quickly. The biggest mistake people make is when they charge their phone. What can not be done with the gadget while it is charging, experts from the service center told.

You cannot make or receive calls

While the smartphone is charging, it must be at rest. The owner should avoid talking on the phone during this time. To do this, you can activate airplane mode. Then the process of charging the battery will be faster.

If a person is expecting an important call or needs to call urgently, then before using the phone, disconnect the charger.

Internet and social networks

It is forbidden to use social networks. Because in this case the phone will be in overheating mode. This can cause the battery to swell and cause other significant damage. Turn off Wi-Fi, mobile Internet and leave the gadget. This will significantly increase battery life.

Do not charge the phone for too long

If you put your smartphone to charge overnight, you are doing it wrong. Excessive charging overloads the battery and leads to overheating of the gadget. also at night, there may be a power surge in the network, as a result of which the smartphone will lock and it will burn.

Do not discharge the phone to the critical mark

It is best to set the gadget to recharge when the battery is discharged by 50-60%. Each time the smartphone is connected to charging “on the last gasp”, the resource capacity of the battery decreases. It is better to charge the phone several times during the day.


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