US Marines tested the Hunter Wolf robot in the mountains

(ORDO NEWS) — The US Marine Corps tested HDT Global’s Hunter Wolf wheeled robot in mountainous conditions. Previously, the Marines tested the four-legged LS3 robot, finding it too noisy.

Ground robotic platforms are increasingly being used in the military sphere. As reported by The Drive, the US Marines went to the mountains of West Virginia to test the Hunter Wolf robot.

It has a wheel formula 6×6. “Wolf” in the name stands for Wheeled Offload Logistics Follower, which reflects one of the operating modes. Hunter Wolf can automatically follow the operator.

In the future, developers want to integrate additional offline capabilities into the platform.

HDT Global began developing Hunter Wolf in 2012. The robot has a mass of 1630 kilograms. It received a modular design and can carry various payloads weighing up to one ton.

The power plant is hybrid-electric. The vehicle is able to move “silently” to reduce the chance of detection by the enemy.

US Marines tested the Hunter Wolf robot in the mountains 3

Earlier, the US Marine Corps abandoned the LS3 four-legged robot, finding it too noisy.


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