Old Martian in the Mountains

(ORDO NEWS) — After yesterday’s hard day due to problems on Mars and Earth, things went much smoother today. For the next 2 days we will continue our activities in the visually stunning Maria Gordon Valley.

On the first day, we are scheduled to operate the ChemCam instrument on a nearby rock slab, followed by passive observation to study atmospheric dust, ice and gases. We will then place the robotic arm on the Cladh Hallan for contact science with APX and MAHLI .

On the second day, Curiosity wakes up early enough to catch the morning sunlight on the west side of the cliff wall lining the notch and photograph it with Mastcam and Navcam. Then, after additional research with Navcam, Mastcam andChemCam , the rover will pass to the right of the corner of the cliff pictured above.

From our current location, it can’t help but remind me of the Old Man in the Mountains who once lived in New Hampshire. At this site, we will conduct a targeted science campaign with DAN to study the structure of the cliff wall itself.


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