Artificial intelligence has come to the rescue of teachers

(ORDO NEWS) — If the future has not yet knocked on your door, then it is worth looking into some schools where artificial intelligence is already taking part in the education process.

Education in past centuries was hardly at the forefront in introducing the latest technologies. But in the 21st century, this is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies have penetrated.

A study with 178 trainee teachers found that AI enables novice educators to better diagnose and solve the problems of their students.

During the experiment, the trainees were asked to work with hypothetical students whose history was accompanied by all sorts of difficulties and success in learning, grades, conversations with parents, and more.

Next, the trainees were required to determine what difficulties prevail and what prevents the student from succeeding in school (ADHD, dyslexia, and others).

Artificial intelligence has come to the rescue of teachers 2

The study showed

Half of the participants in the experiment received a prototype “expert solution” that was written in advance by a real specialist.

The other half of novice educators received AI reviews that highlighted the pros and cons of trainees. After a few more tests, all trainees passed two control tests without any feedback.

The average score for diagnostic reasoning among trainees who received feedback from the AI ​​during the six pre-exercises was about 10 percentage points higher than those who worked with pre-written expert solutions.

The study was part of a research project under the Cambridge LMU strategic partnership. The AI ​​was developed with the support of a team from the Technical University of Darmstadt.

Riikka Hofmann, Associate Professor of Education at the University of Cambridge, said , “Teachers play a critical role in recognizing negative traits in students during learning.

The level of individual guidance that trainee teachers receive, for example in German courses, is different from the British one. But in both cases, AI can provide an extra layer of individual feedback to help them develop important competencies.”


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