Inside the Etruscan helmet, archaeologists have found a mysterious inscription

(ORDO NEWS) — In one of the ancient cities of Vulci, which is located in the central part of Italy, archaeologists have discovered an Etruscan helmet. Inside it is a cryptic inscription that could provide entirely new information regarding the military organization that characterized this ancient pre-Roman civilization.

It is worth noting that some moments from the history of this people remain a secret until today, and therefore scientists use every opportunity to obtain additional information.

The Etruscans are an ancient people who live in the northwestern part of the Apennine Peninsula. This civilization experienced its peak in the 6th century BC. The helmet, which the specialists managed to find, was made of bronze in the 4th century BC.

It was discovered quite by accident in 1928, but then archaeologists did not see absolutely no inscription inside the helmet. Only 90 years later it was possible to see the letters.

The inscription inside the artifact is composed of seven letters HARN STE. Archaeologists believe that it can talk about exactly where the object came from or mean the name of the helmet, or even the abbreviated name of its owner.

The inscription discovered by specialists plays an incredibly important role, because it is she who can help to reconstruct the military organization on the Italian peninsula until the moment when it was subject to the hegemony of Rome. In addition, the researchers plan to trace exactly how the art of war has evolved.

If we take into account the craftsmanship, as well as the style, then it can be argued that this helmet belonged to one of the Etruscan warriors. At that time, military conflicts regularly arose on the territory of central Italy between different tribes, each of which wanted to rule over the entire peninsula.

Also, battles were fought only in order to survive, because the Celts were a threat to the Etruscans. It was they who in 390 BC were able to almost completely defeat Rome. This happened many years before Rome turned into a huge and powerful empire due to the fact that the lands of the Mediterranean were captured.

The moment that the inscription is located directly inside the old helmet may be proof that in this way the owner of the artifact designated all his other things. In addition, the ancient find will allow you to learn more new information about the work of forges, where military uniforms were made, as well as a variety of weapons. It is worth noting that experts suggest that in fact the helmet was made far beyond Vulci – on the territory of the modern city of Perugia, located in the center of Italy.

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