Archaeologists found where Armageddon once happened

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(ORDO NEWS) — Imagine that the place of Armageddon from the Bible actually exists. Yes, this is a real point on the map, which every person can visit if there is a desire. Are you wondering where it is? Then read on. This was reported by IFLScience.

There is a city of Megiddo, it is very ancient and is located in the north of Israel. It was inhabited for 6 thousand years. Historians say that there were people there from 7 thousand years BC.

Megiddo is a kind of archaeological artifact city and here’s why: according to the New Testament, it was here that the final battle between good and evil took place.

For those who have not particularly read the Holy Scriptures, this news may seem rather unusual. For religious people, there is nothing unusual here. It is enough to open the book “Revelation”. There is a prophecy of a decisive battle in which the Demons will summon the kings of the whole world on the great day of God Almighty.

Yes, these words may resemble a teaser for the TV series “Supernatural”, but this is actually a biblical scripture. It indicates that the place of the battle is called Armageddon. Later, over time, it was called Armageddon.

Scientists still argue about what this place is and where it could be. Some are clearly convinced that it is about Mount Megiddo. In the past, the city of Via Maris was located there. It was the main land route connecting Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Historians say that already in the Neolithic Megiddo was an important military object. The city had an extremely advantageous strategic location. Therefore, it was often tried to be captured by various groups until the end of the Bronze Age.

In the 15th century BC, a major battle took place here between the Egyptian army of Thutmose III and the Canaanite coalition. A thousand years later, a war between Necho II and the Jews took place here. Then Pharaoh conquered the Judean kingdom. During the First World War, Megiddo fell under the Ottoman army.

Today, Megiddo is a national park. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the site of a legendary biblical battle according to historians.

Armageddon is a term derived from the Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible. It refers to a final apocalyptic battle or cataclysmic event that will occur at the end of the world. The term “Armageddon” itself comes from the Hebrew “Har Megiddo,” which translates to “Mount Megiddo.”

In popular culture and common usage, Armageddon has come to represent any scenario involving a large-scale, decisive conflict or the end of the world. It is often associated with the idea of a doomsday scenario or a catastrophic event that leads to the destruction of civilization or the entire planet.

In religious and mythological contexts, Armageddon is seen as the ultimate battle between good and evil, with the forces of good triumphing over the forces of evil. It is believed by some to be the final conflict preceding the establishment of a new and purified world.

While the concept of Armageddon has its roots in Christian eschatology, similar end-of-the-world scenarios and ideas of a final battle are found in other religions and mythologies as well. The concept has been adapted and referenced in literature, movies, and other forms of popular culture to depict epic battles, cosmic events, or the impending end of humanity.

It is important to note that the notion of Armageddon is a matter of religious belief and mythology, and there is no scientific evidence or consensus to support the occurrence of such an event in reality.


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