Archaeologists found a unique artifact 2800 years old in Hattusa

NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) -- During excavations in the ancient capital of the Hittite

Archaeologists found the oldest stilt village in Europe

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists have found a village on stilts on the shore of the

Archaeologists found where Armageddon once happened

(ORDO NEWS) -- Imagine that the place of Armageddon from the Bible actually exists. Yes,

Archaeologists discover 240-year-old American camp

(ORDO NEWS) -- American archaeologists managed to find a camp for British prisoners of war

Archaeologists find evidence of first known ear surgery on 5,300-year-old skull

(ORDO NEWS) -- People started doing ear surgery more than 5,000 years ago, say Spanish

Ancient Siberians fermented fish in two-meter pits, archaeologists found out

(ORDO NEWS) -- Archaeological work at the Tartas-1 site in the Novosibirsk region made it

Archaeologists Find 40 Beheaded Roman Skeletons With Skulls Between Their Legs

(ORDO NEWS) -- About 40 beheaded skeletons were among 425 bodies found in a late

Archaeologists have found dozens of headless skeletons in the UK

(ORDO NEWS) -- A Roman cemetery with several dozen headless skeletons was found by archaeologists

In Britain, an archaeologist found a brooch that is over 800 years old

(ORDO NEWS) -- In the UK, archaeologist William Nordhoff discovered a very unusual artifact. At