Scientists have found out what hides the famous painting by Rembrandt

(ORDO NEWS) — Art critics from the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum were able to get some really unique photographs some time ago. To do this, they took advantage of the maximum detail and applied it in relation to the work of art. Today, everyone has the opportunity to see the most insignificant details that are present in the famous painting by Rembrandt “Night Watch”.

The Rijksmuseum, which is located today in Amsterdam, is a very popular art museum among visitors. He entered the twenty most visited establishments of this type in the world. Experts have created a preliminary 8439 separate pictures, consisting of 100 megapixels.

After that, all these pictures were connected to each other, which made it possible to obtain in the final result a 717-gigapixel image of the “Night Watch”, which is familiar to almost every modern person. Thanks to this grandiose study, you can now easily familiarize yourself with the many features that a work of art has.

This picture is also called “Speech by the rifle company of Captain Frans Banning Kok and Lieutenant Willem van Reitenbürg.” Of course, it is rarely called that, because the second name is shorter and easier to remember. She is considered the most famous of all the works presented by the Dutch artist Rembrandt.

For a long time, this interesting picture not only fascinates art lovers, but also sincerely surprises specialists. The popular artist painted the picture back in 1642. The work of art is quite large – 363×437 cm. With its help, Rembrandt was able to perfectly demonstrate his skill and how he deftly depicted the play of shadow and light.

Due to the fact that the specialists made the maximum amount of effort, a high-quality double of this masterpiece was created. During the work, they used a modern Hasselblad H6D camera. Due to the obtained detailing, it was possible to establish the presence of traces of vandalism in the painting by Rembrandt. The work of art has been exposed to it several times.

For the first time, an unemployed person tried to cut it with a knife, but then no serious injuries were inflicted. In 1975, more serious and large cuts were made. The painting was restored, but already in 1990 a mentally ill person poured acid on it. But the experts managed to put the work in order so well that it was possible to see these traces only after detailing.

Earlier we wrote that the painting bought at the sale for $ 30 turned out to be a Renaissance masterpiece worth $ 50 million. In 2016, an American bought a painting at a sale for only $ 30. In fact, it turned out that this is the work of the famous German artist Albrecht Durer, who lived during the Renaissance.

And also recall that artificial intelligence has revealed the secret of Vincent Van Gogh’s success. Experts from Northwestern University in the United States used an artificial intelligence system in order to analyze almost 800 thousand works of artists from different eras. Among them was Vincent Van Gogh. Due to this, it was possible to find a universal formula for success that can be used in absolutely all areas of creativity.


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