New COVID-19 strain with 46 mutations discovered in France

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(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists working at the Institute of Infectious Diseases, which is located in Marseille, have recorded a new strain of coronavirus. The first case of beat infection was found in a man who returned home from a trip to Cameroon.

The new COVID-19 strain has been named B.1.640.2. It was found already in 12 patients who live in the southeastern part of France. Experts have provided information that the next variant has 46 completely different mutations. At the moment, nothing is known about whether they can somehow affect the level of infectiousness of the virus.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that after the emergence of the coronavirus, experts on an ongoing basis began to find new strains of it, but only a small part of them really pose a threat to humanity. For example, today Omicron is actively spreading in France, which has 32 different mutations.

About 60% of all patients in the country are infected with this particular strain. In France, 10.4 million cases of infection with a dangerous virus have been established, of which 125 thousand people have died from complications.

The Omicron coronavirus strain or B.1.1.529 was recently discovered in Botswana. After some time, it was also recorded in South Africa and Hong Kong. The first case was a person who visited South Africa. Experts emphasized the fact that Omicron has only 32 different mutations present in the spike protein, with the help of which the virus easily enters cells and begins to actively multiply in them. Experts note that this strain of coronavirus is much more infectious than all others that have been recorded before.

Some vaccines have a fairly simple principle of operation, which consists in delivering a gene with a special encoded spike protein into the cell. The cell begins to actively synthesize this protein, and the human body, in turn, develops a fairly strong immune response.

Scientists today are quite worried that new mutations in the coronavirus could negatively affect the effectiveness of developed vaccines. Most likely, it will be necessary to install booster vaccinations without fail in order to achieve the necessary protection against COVID-19.

Earlier we wrote that the side effects of the fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine were named. In Israel, they began to actively administer the fourth vaccination against coronavirus. Experts, in turn, shared the exact consequences of another dose of the drug. An earlier study by Sheba Medical Center in Tell Hashomeri was released on January 2, 2022. In fact, the side effects were found to be not much greater than those that a third dose of the drug would cause.

And also recall that the first cases of infection with Omicron and Delta were recorded simultaneously. In northern Spain, experts recorded the simultaneous infection of two strains of coronavirus at once – Omicron and Delta. Because of such situations, new mutations of the virus, dangerous for humanity, may soon appear.


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