Secret of the preserved fruit inside the Egyptian mummy revealed

(ORDO NEWS) — A fully mummified fetus was found in the womb of an ancient Egyptian mummy. It has been preserved in excellent condition despite the fact that the woman died more than two millennia ago. Experts talked in detail about exactly what processes led to the preservation of this fruit.

They additionally used a tomograph during the study, which made it possible to establish that the body of the deceased woman was covered with a layer of natron so that it could be completely dried.

In most cases, this powder was used in cooking as an analogue of soda. Also natron could be used in agriculture and even in medicine. After some time, the substance began to be exploited in glass making and for the mummification of the dead. Natron is a special natural mixture of sodium carbonate decahydrate and sodium bicarbonate. In its composition, you can find a small amount of sulfate and sodium chloride.

Initially, all internal organs were removed from a deceased person during mummification. After that, it was started to fill with dry natron. Due to this, it was possible to preserve absolutely all the tissues of the body in excellent condition. Then dry Nile mud, cloth, sawdust, lichens were used.

Due to these materials, the body was as flexible as possible. In their study, experts noted that when natron got on the body of a pregnant woman, the substance provoked the manifestation of formic acid, as well as some other chemical compounds inside the uterus.

Formic acid began to enter into chemical processes after the woman died. This led to the fact that the hydrogen parameters of the mummy tissues began to change gradually. The scientists highlighted the fact that there was a change in the alkaline pH level to acidic. As a result of the action of acids, the minerals that were in the small bones of the fruit began to actively dry out. After some time, their complete “mineralization” took place.

Dr. Mazhena Ozarek-Shilke added that by scanning the fetus inside the ancient Egyptian mummy, it was possible to establish the presence of a “mineralized skull”. It was he who developed faster than all the other bones in the body of the unborn child. In the picture, you can also see the limbs of the fetus, but they remained in the form of dried tissues, because they did not have time to ossify.

Earlier, Planet News wrote that x-rays showed what was inside a 1900-year-old Egyptian mummy. In 1911, archaeologists found a mummy in Egypt. She was buried during the existence of the Roman Empire. Scientists decided to study it without removing the bandages. Otherwise, the mummy could be damaged.

Experts used X-rays powerful enough to illuminate a mummy that is approximately 1,900 years old. It was possible to establish that the body belongs to a five-year-old girl who was buried along with the sacred amulet. Previously, it was believed that such amulets would be able to protect the deceased at the time when he would travel to the afterlife.

This research method was used for the first time. With its help, it was possible to identify bones, various materials and objects. X-rays showed that the skeleton was very well preserved for all the time and it does not have any traces of damage. In this regard, scientists believe that the girl died as a result of some kind of disease.

It was also possible to establish what material the amulet was made of. Calcite was used for its manufacture. This is a special carbonate mineral, which used to be very often taken for the manufacture of jewelry and amulets.


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