Fruit of longevity and health is named

(ORDO NEWS) — Maxine Smith, a nutritionist at the Cleveland Clinic, spoke about the fact that there is a fruit that can protect the human body from some serious diseases. In addition, with its help it is possible to extend the years of life.

The nutritionist believes that peach is one of the best means to prevent diseases not only of the heart, but also of the immune system. The reason for this may be the special composition of the fiber of the fruit.

“Soluble fiber is very effective in balancing blood glucose levels. Also, the substance helps to keep cholesterol levels under control, ”says a nutritionist.

The nutritionist emphasized that insoluble fiber helps to cope with digestion, and also very effectively prevents constipation.

Peaches contain a lot of vitamin C, as well as other important antioxidants for humans. Researchers are confident that they also help to reduce several times the risk of developing heart pathologies. It is also less likely that a person will get a stroke or cancer.

Peaches contain a sufficient amount of beta-carotene, due to which they have a golden or orange color. When the substance enters the body, it begins to be converted into vitamin A, so the fruit will have a very positive effect on the vision of a person who regularly consumes peaches.

It is worth choosing the most ripe fruits, because they contain more antioxidants. Peaches contain the antioxidants caffeic acid and carotenoids, which differ from others in that they have anti-cancer properties.

Such chemicals can limit the growth of benign skin lesions, as well as their further transformation into malignant ones. This has been proven by experts through numerous studies.

Experts also conducted studies that demonstrated that the polyphenols present in peaches can effectively destroy cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact. Let’s not forget that just a cup of diced peaches has about 319 mg of potassium – 6.8% of each person’s daily value.

Potassium lowers blood pressure, prevents stroke and kidney stones. A huge plus is that potassium has a stimulating effect, due to which muscles grow and the duration of human life increases.


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