Secrets of the longevity of a 118-year-old nun from France have been revealed

(ORDO NEWS) — The oldest inhabitant of planet Earth died at the age of 118. A French nun missed her 119th birthday by a little less than a month.

And so, the secrets of longevity of Lucille Randon (that was the name of the woman) became known.

Lucille Randon was born back in 1904 on February 11. In her youth, the woman worked as a governess, and at 41 she decided to enter a monastery.

She worked for 28 years as a nun in the hospital of the city of Vichy, where the French woman helped orphans and the elderly.

In 2009, Sister Andre (as the woman was called after she became a nun) lived in the city of Touron. Her last refuge was a home for the elderly.

It is known that she contracted the coronavirus in 2022. The old woman died without suffering at night in a dream.

To be honest, journalists often asked the nun about her secrets of longevity, but she only answered that she had no secrets. The French woman experienced many difficulties in her life, she was a child of the war.

People close to the nun say that she has never been on a diet. Yes, the woman carefully watched what was on her plate, but did not limit herself in her favorite dishes.

There is another little secret, every day the woman drank 1 glass of red wine with a bite of chocolate. Those who knew the old woman well say that this was her ritual, which she always remembered.

Red wine is a drink that occupies a special place in the Christian religion, because it is the “blood of Jesus.” Maybe it was the wine that gave her so much vitality.

After Lucille Randon died, Maria Barñas Morera became the oldest inhabitant of the planet. She was born in March 1907 and lives in Spain, too, in a home for the elderly, I wonder what her secret to longevity is.


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