A 103-year-old British woman revealed the secret of her longevity

(ORDO NEWS) — Marjorie Speaking is a UK resident who recently celebrated her 103rd birthday!

In her hometown, she is a real legend, her relatives love her, her friends adore her. Every year, an Englishwoman is asked to share the secret of longevity. And so, she shared a secret.

The old woman lives in a nursing home, but at the same time leads an active lifestyle, sociable, friendly and completely independent in all everyday affairs. The boarding house where she is located is located in the county of North Yorkshire.

Especially for the respected birthday girl, the staff of the boarding house asked all residents in the district to congratulate the long-lived girl with postcards.

As a result, the birthday girl received more than 500 postcards with warm congratulations. As a sign of gratitude, Marjorie shared the secret of her longevity.

Try to guess what the secret is? Perhaps it is some kind of diet or special diet. Maybe it’s daily walks, dancing and sports?

No, everything turned out to be much simpler. The answer was: “a lot of cookies and a lot of tea.” Also, the old woman eats a little honey every day. She firmly believes that these products helped her live to 103 years old.

Marjorie also said that she never denied herself anything. She always ate sweets when she wanted. She never followed special diets.

The old woman says that you need to live in self-love. How right she is after all, because life is not given to deny the body simple joys, such as a cookie or a piece of chocolate.

I would also like to note the great concern of boarding houses. Not every country treats the elderly with such warmth. Good care, care and excellent living conditions make it possible for the British to live to a very old age.


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