A 105-year-old resident of London shared the secret of longevity

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(ORDO NEWS) — A native of Paddington (London) recently celebrated her 105th birthday.

The woman was born way back in 1917, more than a hundred years have passed, and she feels great. Recently, she shared her secret to good health and said that it prolongs her life.

The first thing the woman recommends paying attention to is the atmosphere in the family. Irene Gilbert has a friendly and strong family.

The second thing that helps her to be in a good mind and health is taste preferences in food.

The long-lived woman said that she is very fond of fruits and vegetables, does not eat junk food and carefully monitors her diet.

Now she lives in a nursing home. The British are provided with good care and excellent living conditions. Relatives visit her regularly.

For her 105th birthday, the granddaughters brought a huge luxurious cake, expensive chocolates and laid a festive table for her friends at the boarding house.

However, the woman did not touch the sweets and only barely tried the birthday cake, but generously treated all her friends and relatives.

The British woman admitted that she does not like sweets and believes that sugar will harm her at this age. She also eats meat moderately, has a negative attitude to alcohol and loves tea instead of coffee.

It’s hard to believe, but doctors say that Irene has excellent health indicators, a good memory and is always in a great mood.

It turns out that no matter how much scientists try to find the elixir of youth, eternal life or a unique cure for all diseases, the most effective way to prolong life is to watch what’s on your dinner plate.

The fact that London is not included in the blue zone (so-called territories with the greatest concentration of long-lived people) is also interesting.

Today, there are only 5 such places in the world, these are: the island of Okinawa, the province of Olastra, the city of Loma Linda, the island of Ikaria and the island of Nicoya.


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