Alien invasion of France: the mystery of the UFO landing in the village of Valensole

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(ORDO NEWS) — It was early in the morning on July 1, 1965, when farmer Maurice Masse, a former French resistance fighter, noticed an unusual phenomenon in the sky above the village of Valensole. He was standing near his house, smoking a cigarette and preparing to start working in his field.

Suddenly, something came down from the sky and landed just 60 meters away in a lavender field.

Interest and irritation at the same time led Mass to head towards the strange object, believing it to be a helicopter that had made an unauthorized landing.

However, as he got closer, he realized that it was not a helicopter, but an oval aircraft on four legs. In front of him stood two figures, a little over a meter tall, dressed in tight gray-green clothes.

But what surprised Mass the most were the heads of these creatures. They were unusually large with sharp chins, and their eyes were large and slanted. They made a strange “grunting” sound.

Suddenly, one of the creatures pointed a pencil-like device at Mass, and he felt paralyzed. Within a few minutes, these alien creatures took their place in the aircraft and took off into the sky. It took Mass about 20 minutes to regain his mobility after this strange impact.

After their departure, a deep hole and wet soil remained at the landing site, which soon hardened, as if it had turned into concrete. Plants in the surrounding area began to decompose, and further analysis revealed that the planting site contained significantly more calcium than other areas.

This unique case of meeting with aliens has aroused great interest among scientists and researchers. Many experts tried to understand what was happening and find an explanation for these mysterious phenomena. However, until now, no official scientific explanation has been found.


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