Belgian found a mysterious metal object

(ORDO NEWS) — A Belgian found an ancient Roman dodecahedron using a metal detector. These are dodecahedrons with holes and spikes. Archaeologists still do not know what they were used for in the past.

The find was discovered by Belgian archaeologist Patrick Schuermans. He suggests that such artifacts were used by magicians and sorcerers.

This is not the first find, it is known that at least 100 dodecahedrons were found in different countries at different times.

Schuermans took the find to the Gallo-Roman Museum in Tongeren to learn more about it. A dodecahedron made of bronze, well preserved to this day.

It is known that he lay in the Earth for about 1600 years. It does not carry any special value, although you can try to sell such an artifact on online platforms and get several thousand euros for it.

Although the man decided to do otherwise, he handed over the find to the museum. Now tourists can see the mysterious metal object. By the way, this is the second such artifact that has ever been found in this area.

Dodecahedrons can certainly be considered one of the most mysterious artifacts. No one can tell exactly about their purpose.

There are no mentions of them in historical writings. The baseball-sized objects have holes on each face and spikes on each edge. They are empty inside.

Over the past 100 years, 100 such objects and their fragments have been found in Northern Europe. They are all different sizes. The smallest had a face length of 3 cm, and the largest 12 cm.

They were often found at burial sites. Perhaps they were used for funeral rituals. So far, the mystery of dodecahedrons remains unsolved.


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