Huge flock of crows circled over a city in Canada

(ORDO NEWS) — Crows are incredibly intelligent birds. Experts consider them to be practically the smartest animals, apart from primates.

Therefore, when crows behave strangely, it causes fear in people. A somewhat creepy video was filmed in Ontario, Canada a few days ago. It seems that these are stills from films about the end of the world.

The author of the video added that a huge flock of crows circled above the houses with loud cries for about 14 hours. Including over the house of the author himself. He did not risk leaving his own house and therefore took pictures of the birds right from the apartment. It all looked very creepy.

Many peoples believe that crows are mystical birds. If they behave in this way, then this may indicate that something terrible will happen soon.

After the author posted the video, in just a day it got more than 40 thousand likes and a couple of thousand users commented on it.

Most users agreed that it looks terrible and may be a sign of something bad. It is worth noting that this is not the first time that crows behave in this way.

For example, in 2018, a large flock of crows circled over the church for several hours before a tornado struck a short time later.


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