Steelers fireplace offensive coordinator Matt Canada

The Pittsburgh Steelers on Tuesday fired offensive coordinator Matt Canada following the team’s loss to

In Canada, a woman found a bottle with an ancient message

(ORDO NEWS) -- A Quebec woman has found a letter in a bottle 34 years

Ice Age dire wolves lived in Canada, scientists find

(ORDO NEWS) -- Recent studies have allowed scientists to discover evidence of the presence of

Moon over Canada

(ORDO NEWS) -- A Japanese meteorological satellite captured this stunning image of the Moon peeking

Huge invasive super pigs from Canada threaten the US ecology

(ORDO NEWS) -- Crossbreeding domestic pigs with wild boars has created a dangerous new species

Unidentified object shot down over Canada

(ORDO NEWS) -- Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Saturday that Canadian and US warplanes

In Canada, people heard conversations at a distance of several kilometers

(ORDO NEWS) -- From January 17 to February 5, 1947, the Yukon, in northwestern Canada,

First ever predicted meteor fall over heavily populated area

(ORDO NEWS) -- The space drama unfolded over southern Ontario on the night of Friday,

600-year-old English coin found in Canada

(ORDO NEWS) -- The discovery of a rare gold coin on the south coast of

Reindeer coronavirus detected in Canada

(ORDO NEWS) -- The researchers reported that the Ontario virus is different from its Wuhan

A dinosaur skeleton with skin was discovered in Canada

(ORDO NEWS) -- Some time ago, an archaeological excavation was conducted in the Canadian Provincial

Tuberculosis outbreak in Canada

(ORDO NEWS) -- Nunavut is the largest and newest territory in Canada. Nunavut was formed