Artificial barrier been discovered in space that protects the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — With the help of space probes, NASA managed to find a huge artificial barrier that is located around our planet.

Through modeling, experts have found that this barrier affects the weather outside the atmosphere.

The scientists added that people not only influenced the Earth, but were even able to randomly change the cosmos. In 2012, space probes were launched that traveled at a speed of about 3,200 kilometers per hour through the Van Allen belts.

There are two similar radiation belts around the Earth, and the third appears only temporarily. During the study of the activity of charged particles, the probes recorded something strange.

Solar discharges were contained by an unknown low-frequency barrier. Experts have established that this barrier has repelled the radiation belts in the past few decades, and now they are much farther from the Earth than in the last century.

As a result, it turned out that radio communication with a minimum frequency is capable of influencing the movement of certain particles in space. Due to this, anthropogenic space weather appeared in the Earth, as well as a reliable protective barrier from solar discharges dangerous for the planet.


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