How to overcome panic and anxiety

(ORDO NEWS) — In the current situation, it is very important to remain calm, not to panic and accumulate your strength to support the family and the country.

It is extremely difficult today, but we are strong and we can. Do not become easy prey for psychological warfare!

At present, the presence of the spirit is important – the ability not to turn off the brain areas that are responsible for rational control of the situation and volitional actions.

During stress, the impulse along the nerve fibers reaches the organs of the endocrine system of the adrenal glands. which produce large amounts of hormones and neurotransmitters involved in stress mobilization.

Therefore, you need to do gymnastics. every 20 minutes. It can be several exercises and breathing exercises so that the brain does not give conflicting commands to the muscles.

5 exercises on the advice of psychologist Natalia Podlesnaya will also help to master anxiety:

1 – Rational exercise. Get truthful information about the situation and believe in the willingness to take the actions that will help us cope.

Everything that the Ukrainian military, terrorist defense or emergency response organizations are instructing us to do must be carried out.

Keep in mind everything that has helped you in the past when you were under stress. You’ve dealt with stress many times before, and you can handle it now.

2 – Breathing exercise. You need to feel your breath and use it to regain your balance. The so-called “square” breathing will help with this: 4 seconds to inhale, 4 seconds to hold your breath, 4 seconds to exhale and 4 seconds to hold without air.

3 – Restrictive exercise. Limit your information flow. Don’t read or listen to the news non-stop.

4 – Body exercise. Feel your feet on the floor. Stand in a corner where you feel secure. Think about the body, how it feels.

You are a resilient person, you are a flexible person, you stand firmly with your feet and lean with your back. Normalize your breathing and watch your muscles.

Your muscles don’t relax all at once. Just name the parts of the body where your muscles relax. Put your hand on your heart, listen to the beat of your heart, realize yourself alive.

5  Analytical exercise. This technique is about finding statements that are alternative to your anxious thoughts. Such alternative statements help reduce anxiety and focus on getting out of a difficult situation.


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