How to reduce anxiety during war

(ORDO NEWS) — Many people today admit that it is very difficult for them to calm down after explosions or shelling. Therefore, they immediately start reading the news feed and call their relatives, eat everything in a row and cannot fall asleep. Dr. Komarovsky, told how to relieve stress.

What do we do when we feel in danger again and again? Some of us begin to eat a lot, take anti-anxiety drugs or choose alcohol.

Most sedatives have a very serious effect on the coordination of movements, so such drugs dramatically increase the likelihood of injury, explained Evgeny Komarovsky. – And when you need to quickly run somewhere, you will break your head against the background of these drugs.

According to the candidate of medical sciences, we need to think soberly, so you should not count on the fact that you can put yourself in order with the help of pills or alcohol.

Today the worst thing is to be alone. Therefore, you should always single out a person who looks calm, controls himself and makes the right decision in the environment, – Dr. Komarovsky advised.

Moreover, such a community can be a dozen people even in a bomb shelter. Determine which of them behaves adequately, does not panic, and simply let him delegate the adoption of collective decisions.

Evgeny Komarovsky believes that today it is very important to be prepared for all sorts of troubles, so it is necessary to sensibly calculate the risks: “What will we do if we are overwhelmed, the connection suddenly disappears, the power is turned off?”

Without a doubt, we will continue to fight, but the main thing is to get in the right mood. Let’s decide for ourselves that everything will end in a year, and we will be glad when we win in two weeks, – suggested the candidate of medical sciences.

It is very important for each of us not to sift through information and leave only positive, but to understand that there are many more different events ahead of us, but we, of course, will win.


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