A fragment about Ukraine and Russia was found in the Bible: what does it say

(ORDO NEWS) — In one of the psalms, the authorship of which is attributed to the biblical king David, they found a fragment about Ukraine and Russia.

In particular, in Psalm 50 (49 in Ukrainian translation – ed.), in verse 15 it is said that one of the words וַוּקְרָאֵנִי in Hebrew is read as “in Ukraine”, reminiscent of the word “Ukraine”.

The direct translation of this word is “and call.” Thus, this word can be interpreted in such a way that Ukraine turns out to be a “summoned” country.

And in the next line – 16 verses – one of the words in Hebrew is literally read as “rash”, which is similar to the slang name for Russia. Interestingly, this word literally means “evil” – רָשָׁע.

“Call me in times of distress
and I will deliver you, but you will glorify me.

And to the unrighteous God will say:

“What right have you to speak of my decrees
and speak of my agreement?” says this passage from the Psalms of David in translation.

Note that the Book of Psalms or the Psalter is one of the books of the Old Testament of the Bible. In the Jewish, Catholic and Protestant traditions, the modern Book of Psalms contains 150 psalms, and in the Orthodox – 151 psalms.

Psalms were intended for singing with musical accompaniment and were used in the liturgy in the temple of Jerusalem; Jews and Christians continue to use them in both public and private worship. Most of the psalms are an expression of praise and worship of God and His works.


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